My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered

My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered

While in Los Angeles a couple months ago, I got the amazing opportunity to not only visit the set of the FOX show Grandfathered, but also get to interview John Stamos, Paget Brewster, Josh Peck, Christina Milian, Kelly Jenrette, and Ravi Patel who all star in this great show.

Grandfathered is about Jimmy (John Stamos) who is a bachelor and restaurant owner.  His world is rocked when he finds out he is not only a father, but a grandfather, from a previous relationship 25 years prior to the series. Paget Brewster plays Sara, who is the one that got away from Jimmy. She found out she was pregnant with Gerald (Josh Peck) after she broke up with Jimmy, and kept it hidden for 25 years.  Christina Milian plays Vanessa, the mother of Gerald’s daughter – Jimmy’s granddaughter. Kelly Jenrette plays Annelise, Jimmy’s manager and right-hand woman. Ravi Patel plays Ravi, Jimmy’s chef. My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered

John Stamos was a lot of fun to be around!  He kept us laughing from the time he walked in the room. He went behind the set of Jimmy’s bar and started showing us some tricks.  After the rest of the cast was finished with their lunch, my small group first sat down with John and Paget Brewster!  We, of course, had to ask how they felt being cast as grandparents.

John: If you’ve seen earlier that when we came up with the show it was first pitched as meeting this swingin’ dude meeting his kid. Then we added the grandkid part of it. But the most interesting character to me, and I think I was right because it’s turning out how it is, is the woman that I got pregnant. Like here’s a woman on television, who’s single, in her mid-forties, and she’s not afraid to say it. Not afraid to call herself a grandmother. I think women across the United States are really loving this, and the best actress we could ever find to do it is this one (points at Paget). Seriously, I mean we had some little issues even about women that maybe were afraid of playing that age. Or they may have had a little too much stuff going on. Then, Paget came in!  I mean it’s Hollywood and it plays great against me because I don’t want to be called grandpa. Call me anything but grandpa. And I don’t wanna be my age.

Paget: I thought, assuming the worst about Hollywood, I’m not gonna get this. They’re gonna hire a thirty-two year old blonde chick and pretend she’s in her mid-forties. Like that’s TV in Hollywood. Then I came and auditioned with John and had a blast. It was like, I wish this would work out. It’d be great. I was ecstatic and I don’t have kids. I didn’t get the chance or I would have done it with the wrong person so I love playing the grandmother! I was too real to read this because I’m not in a rocking chair. Which I would do that too as it sounds like fun. It was so well written, and a real woman, a whole adult woman with a point of view. Then, I was like, that’s not a typical grandmother. That’s not what TV and movies usually read for. What’s funny about it is the idea of him as a grandfather. So, I just love the part. I’m thrilled that I get to be a grandmother. I get to have a baby, but I don’t have him all day.

John: Another thing, too, about this character that helps me and that also sends a good message, is like, you know, you old guy, stop chasing these young girls. It’s like get over that. Especially in this case and probably happens in a lot of people’s lives. It’s like maybe the one is right in front of your face but you have to compromise a little bit. Maybe it’s not twenty-five, or whatever that thing is about, but what you get in return is like a real woman, who’s smart, who’s beautiful, who’s funny, we have a lot in common in this particular case. Those themes are important for me to get out there. And this- that character really helps show that.

I have always loved shows were there’s little kids – of course I’ve always wondered how it is to work on a set with children. John and Paget answered our question about that:

John: When we came up with this show, I wanted to do a family show. I liked the unconventionality of it. I fought the show to be on. I’m not doing this for my health, like I want to be on TV, I want to keep going. If people wanna see me with a baby, I’m gonna give it to ‘em. I mean, you can tell. Joshua and I took them to Disneyland last week.

Paget:  They were scared. We did a couple of scenes that John did with them and they love him!

John:  I’m a baby whisperer. We were doing scenes where it was a big group and lots of people, and they were frightened at first.  We can’t wait ‘til they come to the set.

Paget:  We were all learning since this  is the first time Layla and Emelia have worked in this thing, and it was like, oh, she’s crying, so let’s get the other. Now what they’ve done is, okay, that’s sending a bad message to our kids. So what we’re gonna do is, Emelia’s gonna star in this episode, and then Layla’s gonna do this episode. It’s only if one of them is taking a nap, it’s never you’re behaving badly, we’re gonna get the other sister. That’s gone. Which is so smart and thoughtful.

Grandfathered Christina and Josh

Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Next we got to sit down the wonderful Josh Peck and Christina Milian!  I have been a huge fan of these two since I was young, so I was excited for this interview. I’ve had fun watching their relationship on the show, and we were interested to see how their chemistry is on the set.

Josh: It’s magical– I think we’re just so incredibly lucky to have brought this group of people together and that we all like each other so much and there’s sort of this mutual respect. We’ve all gotten to see each other’s characters really grow. One of my favorite things is coming up with different lines for other people and to see their take on it, the way Christina approaches a joke, or John approaches a joke, there’s like these great flavors on the show and  it makes it very cool to be a part of.

Christina: Yeah I feel like we’re all, outside of being our characters, we’re all rooting for each other. So it’s fun because I feel like when we’re watching a scene or we’re watching a show, we’re almost admiring each other’s acting and being like, wow I could do this better or oh my goodness, she did that so well. You know, there’s moments like Robbie has had me laughing so hard, same thing with you, John. Everybody like I’ve had these moments where I’m actually quoting things while I’m watching the show that wouldn’t outside of, you know, the, the actual show, the chemistry for on television just become like quite a little team all of us. We’ve actually become like a real odd family!

Josh: Heavy on the odd. No but it’s true too because we all come from totally different worlds and we’re not alike. You know, no one is threatened by anyone, we can all be sort of proud of each other which is great.

Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX

After interviewing Josh and Christina, we got to sit down with the fun Ravi Patel and Kelly Jenrette.  These two are so fun together! I love Kelly’s character, Annelise, and her dry humor.  We were curious if that’s how Kelly is in real life.

Someone said that my sense of humor was like Tommy Lee Jones.  Very dry, very like – is she joking? Is she not?  And I love that about her (Annelise).  We are very similar in that we are very dry, sarcastic, witty.  We’ll come in, we’ll do a drive by, drop a line, and then we’re out.

My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered

Ravi also told us a little bit about a company him, Todd Brunell, Ryan Devlin, and CHristopher Bell are the co-founders of called This Bar Saves Lives.

So when Ryan and Todd were taking a trip to Africa a few years ago they witnessed severe acute malnutrition first hand.  But they also were introduced to this thing called Plumpy Nut, which is this peanut buttery paste that’s packed with nutrients and vitamins and it’s prescribed to this kids when they’re days away from dying of hunger.  And they take just this packet for 8 to 10 weeks and they’re healthy, but they’re very expensive. So Ryan came back and he sent an email – just a little idea to save the world is what it said in the subject heading and they just said call me. And the idea was these bars, which simultaneously kind of addresses the nutrition epidemic that we have here in the U.S., which is bad snacking, and for every time someone buys one of these we donate one of these lifesaving meal packets through one of our charity partners. We launched about three years ago.  We’ve donated over 600,000 meal packets to date.

My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered

After the fun interviews, we got to explore some of the set of Grandfathered.  I’ve always thought the sets were interesting, and I love seeing the little details that you just don’t get to see when watching the show on television.My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #GrandfatheredMy Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered I had such a great time interviewing the cast of Grandfathered and exploring some of the set! It was definitely a highlight to this Los Angeles trip!

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of Grandfathered!

TUESDAY, January 5, ON FOX

Guest Starring Dr. Phil McGraw (“The Dr. Phil Show”)

After hearing that Jimmy hasn’t been to the doctor in over ten years, Sara and Gerald trick him into seeing their family doctor (Dr. Phil McGraw) for a routine physical, which results in an unsettling discovery. Meanwhile, Gerald and Vanessa stress over Edie’s upcoming surgery and Annelise and Ravi stumble upon Jimmy’s secret safe in the all-new “Perfect Physical Specimen” episode of GRANDFATHERED airing Tuesday, January 5 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GF-111) (TV-14 D, L)

Guest cast: Emelia and Layla Golfieri as Edie, Brandon Sornberger as CJ, Dr. Phil McGraw as Dr. Melvoy, Abby Walker as Cindy, AJ Rivera as Victor, and Laura Krafft as Keener #1.

My Visit To The Grandfathered Set & Interview with John Stamos + More! #Grandfathered

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I was sent on an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, California courtesy of Disney to experience The Good Dinosaur as well as other fun adventures I can’t wait to share with you all. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.


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