What to Pack for Your Hawaiian Vacation

Planning the perfect getaway after juggling the stresses of work and family can be fun and exciting. And there’s nothing better than laying on the sand in the sun on the beaches of Hawaii.

Every year, about nine million people visit the Hawaiian islands, eager to take in the history, the beauty, and the fun that awaits. But before you set off, there is one vital thing that you should do before your vacation begins: you need to pack.

Making sure you have everything is the first step to a seamless start to your trip. Here is what to pack on your vacation to Hawaii.

Ways to capture the moment

Your trip begins when you step onto the plane, and depending on where in the country you hail from, it can be five to thirteen hours in the air.

But before you even depart for the airport, you should have everything you need written out on a list. You and your family can all sit down to make out your lists together. You can place the essentials on top, such as changes of clothes and personal hygiene items.

Pack a few books for the flight and a travel journal. It can be a nice way to wind down at night and write about the excursions you enjoyed during the day. If you have kids, you can all take turns writing it so once you’re home, you can relive your favorite memories.

Bring some markers or crayons too for them to recreate those amazing fish and ocean life you saw while snorkeling. Some fun animals to sketch are the fun but harmless convict tang, milletseed butterflyfish, or the majestic Hawaiian green sea turtle. The sea turtles can get as large as 300 pounds, and they’re endangered. If you see one, look but don’t touch; it is illegal to do so.

Health necessities

Remember to pack your medical and insurance cards, and a list of important medicines you’re taking with you. You don’t want to be on the phone arguing with your health insurance company while trying to enjoy your vacation.

Extras you may want to bring along include sunscreen and sunglasses. Even if it is overcast, you can still get harmful UV rays beating down on your shoulders. Aloe vera is a good last-minute purchase at the drugstore, just in case you missed a spot. Store it in the fridge for an extra cooling feeling on hot shoulders.

Walking around on tours or even hiking to see the sunrise requires proper footwear. Before leaving for your trip, wear your sneakers a few times to make sure they fit correctly. You can bring along another pair of nice sandals that double for date nights and days along the beach to cut down on weight in your suitcase.

If you or your children have long hair, you can try out a few new styles to keep it off your face during your surf lessons. Add a real (or fake) orchid for a touch of tropical island flair.

Comfy, tropical clothing

You want to bring enough clothing to change into depending on the activities you have planned. Organizing experts like Marie Kondo have tutorials to show you exactly how to fold for travel so everything is wrinkle-free, neat, and there is space left for all those great souvenirs.

One of the many things to do in Maui is hit the beach. You may want to bring a versatile sarong with you. These large scarves are great to fold up as a bathing suit cover-up, a handkerchief dress, a skirt, and even a fun shirt. They are thin, so you can pack a few of them as an easy and quick outfit change during the day. You can mix and match it with some smaller scarves for cool hairstyles or just an extra layer in case of a nice evening breeze.

A few accessories can go a long way to give your outfits a different look so you don’t need to bring the entire jewelry box along. Simple and sweet matching bracelets for sisters, paired with stud earrings, won’t interfere while you’re relaxing on the shore or parasailing in the Pacific.

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