10 Badass Black Female Superheroes Everyone Should Know

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Black female superheroes have had appearances in comics and movies since 1971.  You can begin with this list of black female superheroes that helped prepare MyBlacky.com.

Vixen became the first African American female superhero to lead her series. But the series has been canceled before its publication. Vixen is known for channeling her powers of the animal kingdom.

Vixen was able to control her animal instincts and could become a more tempered hero. Over her career as a superhero, Vixen

 never ignored connection with the animal kingdom, and she has become an active animal rights activist.

Misty Knight, as a former cop, has dedicated her own life to protect society against crime in New York City. She was ridding this city of its criminals.

Even though she lost her arm in a bombing, she was able to overcome depression and found her purpose in the fight against crime.

She often worked alone, and also worked undercover, is best known for her great partnerships with the Heroes for Hire. She even led the team for some time with the best friend Colleen Wing. She has worked with famous superheroes such as the Spider-Man, X-Men, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, etc.


She is a famous Themyscirian Amazon who served as captain of the Amazonian military, captain of the royal guard, and Queen Hippolyta’s general. Philippus was the most trusted advisor of Queen for thousands of years., Philippus was even given the mission to raise and train a young Diana (Wonder Woman).

When Queen fell into a deep depression and was isolated from the outside world, Philippus became Acting Queen Themyscira. Philippus was distrustful of the outside world; this was mostly due to how the Ancient Greeks treated her Amazonian race. Philippus appeared briefly in the first Wonder Woman film. 

Ladyhawk. This famous hero is actually two persons, twins Rosetta and Regina Morgan. 

Their mission is to take revenge on the death of Falcon. But later, they joined New Warriors. Rosetta and Regina Morgan are twins who began their excellent crime-fighting careers in a very unexpected way. They decided to regroup and join forces creating the great costumed crime fighter in the female role. They tried to train regularly and succeed as skilled martial artists. Also, twins mastered many different weapons. 

Mainly Rosetta and Regina Morgan never went on the battlefield together. Both twins that wear the Ladyhawk costume actually do not have a superpower, but they are highly trained fighters. Regina has proved to be better in unarmed combat than Rosetta, while Rosetta was more tech-savvy.

Storm is a representative of characters with superhuman abilities known as mutants. 

She embodied the force of nature. Storm can control the atmosphere and can change the weather. Storm is one of the mightiest mutants on the planet. She has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills. Even when her ability to manipulation weather was neutralized, she was able to overcome her enemies.

Nubia is Wonder Woman’s dark-skinned sister. Sisters were created by Queen Hippolyta: one from light clay and the other from dark clay.

Nubia’s identity is revealed when she is forced to fight her sister. Nubia had a magic sword created by Mars; it was the only weapon that counteracted Diana’s magic lasso. Nubia had the ability also glide on air currents like Wonder Woman.

Thunder. One of Black Lightning’s daughters, Anissa Pierce was instrumental in breaking up Mali by going undercover. 

Thunder has the superhuman abilities to increase her body’s mass while preserving volume. It enables her to increase her density. 

In this state, she is almost motionless but invulnerable. Just by stomping the ground, Thunder can cause powerful shock waves. Once, an opponent suffered a compound fracture after trying to punch her in the face. Also, she can make her skin strong enough to withstand bullets.

 Monica Rambeau. She has the ability to transform herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. She has a super ability to control many energy forms: X-rays, cosmic rays, gamma rays, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, electricity, infrared radiation, radio waves, microwaves, and also neutrinos. By assuming an energy-form, she can take almost any energy form. She can be invisible and intangible. Also, Rambeau can react and fly at light-speed.

She leads the Nextwave team and battled alongside Captain America with his Secret Avengers.

 Shard was the daughter of mutant Indigenous Australian refugees. She was born in another time-space some eighty years into the future. She had a super ability to absorb ambient light particles and convert them. Shard could perform plenty of light-based attacks. She was granted a form of intangibility. Shard also had the superpower to convert her body to energy after she was returned to life by Fitzroy.

Bumblebee did not have unique superpowers. Bumblebee’s abilities were derived from her high-tech battle suit. The suit could increase her strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, and speed. She could be like body armor. She could fly and make painful electric blasts.  

It looked like a real bee sting. To neutralize the enemy, Bumblebee released a powerful sticky yellow glue, like “honey.” 

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