10 Different Gifts for the Athlete in Your Life

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Thinking of the perfect gift is rarely easy. Everybody has specific tastes and opinions about brands, products, and necessities. But if you’re gifting to an athlete, it can actually be more simple than you think. Athletes are often laser-focused on their health and fitness, so whether it be a juice cleanse or a foam roller, they’ll appreciate anything that helps them achieve their goals.

Here are a few simple gift ideas for the athlete you’re celebrating that will give them a boost on the field, in the gym, or anywhere else they’re getting active.

Athletic Apparel

As any athlete will tell you, you never have enough workout apparel. Unlike the jeans we’ve all worn to work four times without washing them, you can’t really re-wear athletic apparel after a tough workout. Not only does it likely smell bad, but if it’s absorbed enough sweat, it could literally become crusty. If you’re gifting to someone who works out regularly, they’ll always appreciate a new pair of leggings, shorts, or a lightweight, sweat-wicking shirt to work out in. You might just want to specify or take note of what brand they prefer, first. And if you’re unsure what fits their size or style, a gift card can never do you wrong.


If they don’t already have one, a smartwatch is one of the most helpful gifts you can give an athlete. Fitness smartwatches allow you to track your heart rate, distance, pace, steps taken, an estimate of calories burned, cadence, and more, depending on the activity you’re doing. It can help you set goals and show your progress in reaching them by tracking the trends in your activity levels and pace, and you can control your music right from your watch during your workout. Bonus: most fitness smartwatches these days can be worn in water, so if you forget to take it off for a swim or a shower, it’s no problem.

Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

This one might have you a little leery, but hear me out. A juice cleanse has a lot more uses than just quick weight loss, as that may not be something an athlete is going for. In fact, you can order a set of juice cleanse juices and not even use them as a traditional cleanse, but rather to easily boost your vitamin and mineral intake by consuming several servings of fruits and veggies in just a few swigs. Because when it comes to juice cleanses from a health perspective, that may be their most important benefit: massive amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your body. Athletes care about what they’re putting in their body and will be able to recognize a juice cleanse as an opportunity to supplement their diet, reset their diet, or simply drink something that’s delicious and extremely healthy as a treat. So if you’re looking to give an athlete an exceptional gift, a juice cleanse will not be scoffed at but rather praised, lauded, celebrated. Seriously, this one might get you some major bonus points. Trust me.

Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Yes, everybody seems to have wireless headphones these days, but having a pair of wireless earbuds and a pair of wireless earbuds that are made for the gym are two very different things. Gym headphones need to be able to handle sweat and movement that’s significantly more than what the standard headphone is made for. Find out what the athlete you’re gifting to prefers: is it over the head, noise canceling headphones for lifting weights? Is it earbuds that have a plastic apparatus that goes around your ear to keep them in place? Is it earbuds with a wire connecting the two so you can hang them around your neck? Do your research, and even if they already have a pair of headphones for everyday life, get them some exclusively for their workouts.

Yoga Classes or Subscription

Yoga isn’t for everyone, but frankly, it should be. The benefits of yoga for athletes and non-athletes alike have been the focus of numerous studies, and there’s a reason it’s so popular worldwide. It’s great not only for your body, but also for your mind. Just ask LeBron James or Tom Brady. And a large part of yoga is the experience. If you have a studio nearby, consider giving the athlete in your life a month or two of yoga classes; or, if it’s more convenient, you could gift them an online yoga subscription, granting them access to hundreds of online classes with professional instructors that they can do any time, anywhere. And if you’re feeling really generous, throw in a nice yoga mat. You know, for a physical element.

Ballin’ on a Budget

The gifts above would all likely exceed $100. Looking for something a little less pricey? Here are some more options.

  • Gym bag. It sounds simple, but everybody needs a good gym bag to carry around their stuff. It’s important to have one that’s the right size, has enough pockets, and, honestly, that looks cool. And even if they have a good one, it’s nice to replace it after a bit. They can start to smell not-so-fresh.
  • Foam roller. It’s like a free massage after a workout. They’re not too pricey, they come with different features and in different shapes and sizes, and every athlete knows they should be rolling before and after a workout. Make it easy for them.
  • Resistance bands. These are one of the most underrated pieces of home workout equipment. You can use them for stretching, for strength, for mobility, for warmups, for cool downs, and more. So simple, yet so useful.
  • Supplements. Whether it’s protein powder, creatine, superfood blends, or another kind of supplement, an athlete is going to appreciate the boost in their healthy diet, and it takes one more expense off their list.
  • Personal Blender. Along those lines, athletes love a good shake or smoothie. If a juice cleanse is out of your budget, get them the tools to blend up some fruits and vegetables themselves.

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