10 Dog Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas That Don’t Bite!

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Whether you have been cooking up a leisurely vacation for a while or are taking an emergency trip all of a sudden, it’s important to find accommodations that address your specific needs.

Comfortable furnishings and room service are often the most critical factors for out-of-station guests. But for those who own a dog, a hotel’s pet-friendliness ranks front and center as a decision-making factor.

Fortunately, Las Vegas, Nevada, holds many popular hotel brands that fulfill this need without any issues. You need to be aware of these options to finalize your travel plans.

From Westgate’s Las Vegas Hotel to Marriott’s Residence Inn, here are ten dog-friendly hotels that may fit your and your puppy’s requirements to a T.

  1. Westgate’s Las Vegas Hotel 

As one of the highest-rated hotels in the gambling capital of the world, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino holds a stellar reputation in the city. With modern architecture, excellent amenities, and luxury service, the hotel is often the first choice of the frequent traveler.

For dog owners, the hotel’s pet-friendly policies play a great part in this regard. Whether you are staying for a short while or a few days, the hotel welcomes your little bundle of joy with open arms. Initiatives such as Westgate’s Official Pet Friendly Hotels make the facility a tremendous choice for last-minute excursions and long-term vacations alike. See here.

  1. Bellagio Las Vegas

As one of the landmark destinations in the city, Bellagio Las Vegas is just as popular as The Strip it’s located on. With its iconic fountains and magnificent design, the hotel stands out just as much for its existence as it does for its service.

If you want to make a booking at the Bellagio but don’t want to leave your dog behind, you are in luck. The hotel has a pet-friendly approach that lets you bring your pup with you on your trips. As a result, you can ensure that your dog doesn’t have to part ways with you during your travels.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Following a similar approach to Westgate’s Las Vegas Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas also maintains a pet-friendly policy. This makes sure that your pup can hop along on your gambling adventures as a part of your dream team. 

The Four Seasons is more expensive than many other locations in the area. But it does make up for that elevated price point through its luxury services and amenities. If you don’t mind footing a higher bill in return for these solutions, the facility might be a good choice for you and your dog.

  1. Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

With its signature-pink aesthetic being visible in every room to some extent, the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel lives up to its name. Seeing that the hotel has an animal right there in its branding, it only makes sense for it to offer pet-friendly services to its guests. 

That’s why it’s not surprising to learn that the facility does offer dog-friendly accommodations to its visitors. No matter if you are crashing overnight or enjoying an extended stay, you can ensure to provide ideal comfort to your pup without jumping through hoops.

  1. The Mirage Hotel & Casino

Striking an optimal balance between aesthetics and functionality, The Mirage Hotel & Casino offers guests a memorable stay. Following the footsteps of the Westgate’s Las Vegas Hotel from this list, it also does so while being a pet-friendly facility.

This means that you can easily walk your dog into your hotel room after booking your stay at the facility. As a result, you don’t have to worry about finding a sitter for your pup back at home. Thanks to The Mirage, your puppy can stay right where you are, which helps ease any anxious thoughts you may have about its wellbeing.

  1. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Autograph Collection

With its sleek aesthetic, modern facilities, and dedicated services, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Autograph Collection has all the makings of ideal hospitality experience. It presents all of this with a cherry on top through its pet-friendly policy.

If you book a stay at the luxury facility, your dog can accompany you on your travels without any problems. This makes sure that you don’t have to choose between your comfort and your puppy’s natural need to be with you. With that being said, it’s important to remember that the hotel offers its rooms at a slightly higher price than other facilities.

  1. Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas

With a distinctively designed building that seems like a part of a futuristic timeline, the Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas stands out in the city’s skyline. Similar to Westgate’s Las Vegas Hotel, its pet-friendly services further elevate this distinction.

If you are taking a few days to unwind at the facility, your dog doesn’t have to stay back at home. The Vdara Hotel’s pet-friendly approach ensures that your pup isn’t kept away from the Las Vegas fun. This makes sure that you can explore the city as you please, without harboring any worry about your dog’s state.

  1. Residence Inn Las Vegas Airport

Located right beside the McCarran International Airport, the Residence Inn Las Vegas Airport is a popular choice for those looking for convenient stays in the world’s entertainment capital. This Marriott-owned brand boasts of top-tier facilities, which also includes pet-friendly policies.

With the hotel’s cozy architecture, classy interiors, and outstanding amenities, you and your dog can enjoy a vacation without any stress. If you are looking for a worry-free stay at a dog-friendly facility, the Residence Inn might be the right choice for you and your pup alike.

  1. NoMad Las Vegas

The NoMad Las Vegas hotel stands apart due to many features. These include but are not limited to its distinctive exterior, comfortable rooms, and optimal customer service. But for those who own a dog, the facility’s pet-friendly solutions rank as its top quality.

The services come at a slightly higher charge than other hotels in its league. But in terms of dog-friendly lodging, the NoMad Las Vegas stays in line with renowned accommodations such as Westgate’s Las Vegas Hotel. This makes it the right choice for your vacation or emergency stay with your pup.

  1. Staybridge Suites Las Vegas

With its classic design and comfy rooms, Staybridge Suites offers a simple yet attractive facility for those looking for a textbook vacation. It also doubles up as an emergency stay option if you are looking for a quick getaway or a spontaneous trip.

That’s why the hotel’s pet-friendly approach works quite in favor of its overall services. By allowing you to bring your dog, the facility helps you with any troubles you might face with your pup’s care in your absence. This elevates its level of service in the eyes of many pet owners who are looking for accommodations in the area.

All of these facilities offer absolute peace of mind to dog owners who are visiting Las Vegas on leisurely or emergency trips. However, they also carry stipulations with their policies, such as restricting certain dog breeds from their premises. Keeping this in mind, you must check the details with each hotel before finalizing your stay.

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