10 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Must Download

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There are many reasons why people have to travel, be it a short business trip or a luxury vacation in the Caribbean. One thing is for certain – traveling changes the way we perceive the world and the cultures that we encounter. It is always good to embark on a journey that helps us to heal and learn something new. Things definitely become much better when we have friendly mobile apps that either tell us what places to visit or help with a foreign language. Some of them assist us with planning purposes, which is always good when our time is short, and we still want to have fun. The key is to find an inner balance between responsibility and leisure to let our travels become a part of what we are. If an application is meant to guide us through some challenges, it is only natural to try some of them out!

Top 10 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Must Download 

  • iTranslate Voice 3. It is an essential application that every frequent traveler must download. The best part about iTranslate Voice 3 is the way it lets you communicate in a foreign language by simply speaking into your phone. If you think that it is all it does, you are far from the truth because it will translate your words and will pronounce them in a language of your choice, so you can let the hotel manager or a lady in the fancy small shop hear you. It supports up to 42 different languages and does not cost a fortune. 
  • TextGrabber. Now that we already have an application that lets us talk to anyone while we travel, it is time to discover a friendly solution that literally grabs any text from a photo or any picture online or in the shop. Just point your phone to some odd text, a street sign, or the restaurant menu, and it will instantly translate it for you. There is no need to say anything, and it is a great solution when you want to buy some food but do not understand what ingredients are included. 
  • TripLingo. If you would like to focus on the specifics of some country’s local customs, traditions, precautions, or etiquette rules, this small app is good for the task. It has a voice translator that works well, a currency converter, calendar, and the basic course dealing with foreign cultures. It is a great time-saver because you do not have to look up things online but can read something valuable when waiting at the airport or getting ready for a business conference. 
  • SayHi. This app supports 90 languages, including those that are not so common with the relevant dialects that will help you when visiting Wales, Western Africa, or the Basque regions of Spain. A unique aspect of SayHi is that you can select the playback speed and let your translated text be understood and expressed in the right way. This application is your next best thing if you don’t feel like reaching out to a translation agency on your journey. But in case a need for professional help on the go arises, here is a source with top translation companies you can address with any and all of your linguistic queries.
  • AirHelp. An essential application for those situations when your flight has been canceled, delayed, or you could not make it on board because of an unexpected overbooking problem. The solution is available both for iOS and Android mobile platforms and represents a consulting service that lets you share the problem with a professional legal advisor. You only have to upload your information and explain the issue. If things are resolved, the specialists take about 20% of the compensation. They will also guide you through most legal issues in the United States and the EU. 
  • Skyscanner. One of the best methods to find cheap flights all over the world. According to the developers, this app seeks available flights in real-time by checking through over 1200 different travel companies. It has a Price Alerts feature, so you do not have to scan through any lists waiting for the best proposals. Once you download the app, it will notify you about the best options in your local area, so you can see what fits you best. 
  • Couchsurfing. A very popular method to travel, which has its own application now. If you want to meet the locals and travel cheap, there is no need to look elsewhere! Likewise, you can meet people with the Hangouts feature to ask questions and make new friends. 
  • HotelTonight. What about those cases when there is a problem with a hotel room that you had booked, and you do not know what to do next? Unfortunately, such things happen, yet there is no need to despair. This app helps you find last-minute hotel deals when you need them urgently. You can browse the world’s map and choose any city or suitable location. 
  • ZenDay. A handy solution for travels that keeps you aware of all the important dates by acting as your calendar, alarm clock, reminder, notepad, and a great planner. It takes care of the tasks you have completed by keeping a flexible timeline and even telling you about how much time it has taken. This application is extra-handy for those who need to keep up with their work schedule while traveling. It is no secret that nowadays thanks to freelance work and travel are more compatible than ever. Don’t miss out on any jobs and opportunities for freelance you may take advantage of while traveling! 
  • OpenRice. If you plan to travel to Asian countries, it is good to check out the local cuisine. It is not always easy to find the best place even via Google Maps, which is why this small app is a great online guide for travelers. The listings include Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia among other Asian countries. 

Keep Blogging As You Go! 


Remember that traveling is also a great chance to let others see the beautiful scenery or learn about what places are worth checking out. You can always start a blog as a traveler and meet new people from all over the world. Keep the personal journal, upload pictures, and keep things social as you travel! The results will definitely surprise you and bring you enormous joy! 


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