10 Exotic Fruits You Have Probably Never Heard Of But Worth Trying

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Exotic Fruits

We commonly use the proverb that having an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay. But did you know that there are various other exotic fruits that you can try like the ones listed below:


Mark Twain termed Cherimoya as the most delicious fruit known to men. It tastes like a cross between banana and pineapple.


Cupuacu comes filled with nutrients making it the next great super fruit. The chocolatey pineapple taste of cupuacu is adored by fruit lovers. You can also use its buttery flesh as a skin moisturizer. 

Dragon Fruit

Fruit lovers around the world can’t get enough of the vibrantly hued Dragon fruit, which includes the red and white varieties. The red Dragon fruit features bright pink skin with green-tipped scales, while the white Dragon fruit exhibits a paler exterior. Cutting open these fruits reveals their stunning fuchsia-red and white-colored flesh, respectively, both adorned with tiny black seeds. The taste of Dragon fruit is mildly sweet, reminiscent of a delightful blend of pear and kiwi flavors. To enjoy this delicious fruit, simply scoop out the soft insides by cutting it down the middle. Dragon fruit is versatile and can be used as an ingredient in fruit salads, enjoyed fresh, or consumed in juice form.

Monstera Deliciosa

This shiny plant is native to Central America and Mexico. It is grown for ornamental purposes and requires a year for the fruit to ripen after which the scales separate revealing the white inner flesh. The fruit tastes like a blend of banana and pineapple. You can eat it fresh, add it to fruit cups or serve it with a bit of fresh cream. 


This fruit is native to tropical West Africa and is known as ?vegetable brain? as only its yellowish brain-shaped piece can be eaten. Its nutty-flavored flesh is boiled in milk or salted water and fried lightly in butter. Ackee is also added to stews, served with codfish, and eaten with rice. 


This huge fruit often weighs up to 80 pounds and is commonly used for sweet and savory preparations. If you are looking for fruits that start with j, then you can munch on Jackfruit exotic snack in its chip or dried form.

African Cucumber

This vibrant fruit is also known as jelly melon, horned melon, or hedged gourd. It looks bright orange on the exterior and has a mosaic of green and yellow on the insides. The taste of African Cucumber is similar to zucchini and cucumber. It is often used as an ingredient of sundaes and smoothies, and also for decorating platters. 

Buddha’s Hand

This citrus fruit, also known as fingered citron or bushukan is native to northeastern India and southwestern China. It resembles a yellow squid or a giant-fingered hand and is grown during the winter months. On being split vertically, the fruit reveals a juiceless and flesh. The thick yellow ring of this fruit is used to perfume clothing, flavor liquors, and make jam and marinades. This fragrant fruit is believed to bring good luck and is often displayed as home decorations in Japan. 


Salak, also known as snake fruit is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. It resembles a ripe fig with the only difference lies in its brown scaly skin and pointed tip. Breaking off the tip and peeling the skin reveals a dark brown seed and three yellowish-white lobes. The sweet flavor and crisp texture of Salak have made it a popular choice in making fruit salads. You can enjoy this exotic fruit pickled, candied, dried, or in syrup form.


The light-green fruit is originally from Central America and weighs between 6 ounces to 3 pounds. Its fleshy white inside has a custard-like consistency and tastes like a blend of passion fruit, banana, pineapple, and papaya. You can eat it frozen like ice cream, folded into a tart filling, pureed into mousse, or eaten raw. 


Though you might not have heard of all the above-mentioned fruits, they are commonly eaten as delicacies in various countries.  

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