10 Fun Activities Your Child Needs To Be Doing This Summer!

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The summer break is a long time off school, and it can be hard to entertain your children for weeks on end. It’s a good idea to get them involved in activities where they can learn new skills, and make friends. It could either be by doing it at home or by sending them to a class. It means they may find something they want to carry on doing after the holidays. And it’s a great way of building their confidence, as well as keeping them busy during the summer break. Here are ten fun ideas to get you started.


Get your child walking and keeping active by going on a hike. As discussed here, you can look around the local area for places you could go hiking. The more scenic, the better, as there will be plenty of things for your child to look at. While you are hiking, you could get them to look for certain animals or plants to make it more of an adventure. Check local groups too, as they may be doing hikes your child could get involved in if you are too busy. Getting them active during the summer is very important.

Martial Arts

A great physical activity for your children, Martial Arts will definitely help your child learn vital skills in keeping them safe. You should check the local area for classes they could go to. This article explains how the sport is excellent for children who are often moving around. And it could help them with controlling their emotions better. Martial Arts can assist them to build up confidence, which they can use when they return to school after the summer.

Art class

An art class would be a great way to get your child to use their creative skills in the summer. Whether they love drawing or painting, they will get to try something new that they haven’t experienced before. The class will be a great way of them meeting new friends too. Art is ideal for children to express themselves, and they will have something to show for it after the class, which they can bring home. It could go pride of place on the fridge.


If you want a future professional gymnast in the family, this summer could be a very good time to start. Getting your child involved in gymnastics is a great way of keeping them fit during the summer months. They will also learn a new skill, and it can help with behaviour and discipline. They even do gymnastics summer camp programs which will keep them busy for the whole holidays. They might even carry on with classes after the summer.

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A great way of keeping your little one busy during the vacation is to get them involved in cooking. You can do this at home by getting them to help you with some cooking. Cakes are a good start, or you could even make some bread or a pizza base. You could also send them to a junior cooking class. It will teach them a lot of the basics that they can use in later life. It’s also really fun for them, and they will get something yummy they have made which they can eat later!


If your child loves watching films, why not suggest they go to an acting class during the summer. It’s a great way to build their confidence, and help them gain skills which they could use in the future. It’s fab for helping them to work in a team, and they may continue with it after the summer. There are many camps about that they could go to for the whole summer, where they get to put on a performance at the end that you can watch. You may even have a little star in the making. If you can’t afford this, you could make films at home. As this article suggests, there are some apps on your phone which can help you make a mini-film with lego or Play-Doh characters. Or you could even let your child direct their own film with their dolls, and film it on your phone for them to watch after!


Reading is a fun and educational activity that your children should be doing in the summer break. With more people than ever not reading books, it’s important to get your kids loving books again. It’s important to encourage them to widen their imagination, and books can keep them busy for hours. There’s even a reading challenge which is for 4-11-year-olds, and tries to get them into reading again by challenging them to read six books in the summer. There are some reading clubs as well that children can go to in the summer.

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If you want your child to embrace science, it’s an exciting activity you can encourage them to do during the summer months. There are plenty of science experiments here you can do at home such as extracting DNA from strawberries. They could also create balloon rockets. There are also many science clubs they could go to, which will keep them busy for the weeks off during summer.


Swimming is an excellent activity which children will love doing during summer. It’s an excellent form of exercise, and they will love getting in the water. It’s one of children’s favourite exercises. Check the local area for classes which are taking place during summer. If the weather is warm, you could even go to an outdoor swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to have one in your garden, it’s a great way to keep your little one busy.

Learning an instrument

Another fab activity your child could get involved in is learning an instrument. It is an excellent way to enhance their skills, and they will know how to use it for the rest of their lives. Talk to them about instruments they may enjoy learning to use. And then you can look around the area for teachers that can provide training during the summer. There are also band camps around which your child could attend, which will keep them busy!

These activities are important for helping your child to learn new skills during the summer. So research and get them joined up ASAP.

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