10 Great Places to See in Vietnam for Student Travelers

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Stretching along the coast of the South China Sea, Vietnam offers its guests many amazing places, hidden away by the lush canopy of its forests. This is a country of emerald greenery, azure waters, towering mountain peaks, historical cities, soaked in a culture that has been brewing here for centuries. Apart from natural beauty, you will find countless tourist attractions, ancient temples, fortresses, palaces, and tombs, theaters that are impossible to visit in a single trip. Therefore, it is worth deciding in advance where to go during your vacation in Vietnam, so as not to be at a loss, considering the abundance of its fascinating places. 

How to Travel as a Student

Vietnam is a great country to go to if you are a student – even the briefest research will let you know that many tourists consider Vietnam to be the world’s cheapest country for traveling, which is a must if you want to have an existing budget-friendly trip as a student. 

Of course, it is hard to make time for traveling as a student – a constant load of homework, endless essays, and papers take plenty of time and effort. If you want to reserve more time and energy for exploring the world without fear of losing your academic success, you can get help from essay writing services. If you need a hand, read Grab My Essay review – this service has popularity among students. Having delegated some tasks to professionals, you can get more travel opportunities even as a busy student. 

Without further ado, here we present to you our top 10 picks of places to visit in Vietnam, which will not break your budget!

What Vietnam has to Offer

10) H? Chí Minh City

Enjoy the rush of busy city streets, learn how to maneuver between motorbikes, try delicious street food, taste Vietnamese coffee, a bargain at local markets.

9) Nha Trang

Appreciate how fresh lobsters, crabs, prawns, urchins, and other seafood is cooked on the beach grills of Nha Trang, sample local goods, and relax at numerous mud resorts.

8) Hu? 

Take a tiny dragon boat on Sông H??ng (the Perfume River), explore the ruins of an imperial citadel, ancient pagodas, tombs, and envision what Vietnam was like hundred years ago.

7) Sapa

Walk along rice terraces, admire breathtaking landscapes and learn about the lifestyle of local highland tribes.

6) Ba B? National Park

The tranquil Ba B? National Park boasts three linked lakes located in its very center. Lakes are surrounded by rocky peaks and wooded mountains. Most tourists come to the park for a relaxing boat trip on the lake or kayaking or visit picturesque local caves.

5) Mekong Delta

Explore Vietnamese hinterland by cycling along the Mekong Delta, enjoying timeless rural charm, sampling local food, buying food at exotic floating markets, where affordable fresh goods are sold straight from boats.

There are six popular floating markets in Mekong Delta:

  • Ch? G?o;
  • Phong ?i?n;
  • Cái Bè; 
  • Ph?ng Hi?p;
  • Cái Rang;
  • Long Xuyên.

4) Phú Qu?c Island

Spend a few days in Phú Qu?c Island enjoying a lazy relaxed atmosphere, beach massage, and fresh seafood.

3) H? Long Bay

Sail traditional junk on H? Long Bay, kayak between karst cliffs, visit limestone caves, explore wild islands and beaches. Fun fact – “H? Long” means “descending dragon”.

2) H?i An

Plunge into the incredible atmosphere of old Vietnam while walking or cycling through the colorful streets of H?i An, buy something worthwhile in countless shops, try the best crepe pancakes in Vietnam at a local market.

1) C?u Vàng (The Golden Bridge)

A trip to Vietnam will be incomplete without visiting a unique place – the Golden Bridge, located It is located in Ba Na Hills at an altitude of over 1400 meters above sea level, near the city of ?à N?ng. This breathtaking golden bridge is supported by giant aged stone hands, complemented by beautiful planted purple flowers – it is a truly stunning sight.

After your journey has finished, and you returned to your homeland, a good idea is to write down your impressions and thoughts while they are still fresh and vibrant. Actually, this may be a step towards your own travel blog! And if you’re hesitant about your writing skills or not sure where to start, consider checking Writing Universe to jump-start your creative thought.

We hope this article gives you some insight into ancient culture, gorgeous sights, and fun activities Vietnam has to offer. Don’t hesitate to venture out and explore!

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