10 Health Benefits of Switching to a Keto Diet

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Many of us have noticed from being at home more the past year, that the pounds are coming on fast and hard. The popularity of the keto diet has surged in recent years, but you may only now be curious as to how it can benefit you. Keto is short for ketogenic which is a diet consisting of extremely low carb and high-fat consumption. This diet places your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Below we will look at 10 keto health benefits.

Fast Weight Loss

It probably goes without saying, but this diet is incredibly popular for a reason, it works! Low carb diets, like keto, work quickly. This is especially beneficial to people who have a lot of weight to lose for health reasons. Low carb diets quickly rid your body of excess water which leads to pretty drastic results in the first couple of weeks.

Reduced Appetite

Most people who have tried various diets in the past know that feeling hungry is one of the worst parts of dieting. Starving yourself is one of the quickest ways to fall off the weight-loss wagon. The good news is that low carb intake automatically helps reduce those feelings of hunger. Fiber, fat, and protein all contribute to feeling full and are plentiful when correctly following a keto program.

Help Your Brain

The struggle to lose weight is equal parts mental for most people. While the initial drop on the scales as well as feeling full, can certainly help that aspect, did you know a keto diet can actually help with brain disorders? Low carb diets have long been recommended in those who suffer seizures but don’t respond to medical treatment. The keto diet works well for many people, reducing and in some cases eliminating their seizures. It is now being studied for its effects on patients with other brain disorders as well.

Targets Fat in Midsection

Anyone who carries their weight in their belly knows that tends to be one of the hardest places to lose from. This fat is typically visceral, meaning it surrounds important organs and can prohibit them from functioning effectively. Over time, this visceral fat can cause health problems like type two diabetes and heart disease, two things we certainly hope to prevent!

Up With the Good

Ah, cholesterol. A lot of overweight people are constantly told by their doctor that it’s too high and they need to get it down. But there are two kinds of cholesterol and a keto diet actually helps increase the good (high-density lipoprotein) kind. The best way to increase this kind of cholesterol is by eating fat, which is exactly what the keto diet is all about.

Down With the Bad

The other side of the cholesterol coin, is, of course, the bad (low-density lipoprotien) kind. This is the type doctors get concerned about when the levels are high. It can cause all sorts of heart-related issues, like heart attacks. Low carb diets, like the keto diet, lower the

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