10 Hobbies That Improve Brain Function

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In today’s modern world, we are all overstimulated but often inactive. Technological advances are stumping our brain’s capacity to learn and develop. The world has evolved at lightning speed and everything is automated, like instant withdrawal casino. The faster the better.

There was a time when you had to use your brain to do everyday mathematics or learn a new language when you travel. You have the world in the palm of your hand, but what is happening to our brain function in this process? 

Michelle Thomas is a work-from-home mom that consults clients regularly about brain-stimulating hobbies. She shares some tips that’ll go a long way in helping you to keep your brain active and healthy.

Fun Activities Good For the Brain

You often hear people harp on about keeping your brain active and cultivating intellectual hobbies to stay smarter for longer. What exactly does this look like, you may wonder? The good news is that it’s easier than you think to keep your brain healthy. 

Start Gardening

Planning your landscaping has multiple benefits for your brain. You have to prepare the area using information about various plant species, where you should plant it, growth cycles and sun preferences. It’s an excellent way to apply some multitasking tools and increase brain activity while having fun. 

When you’re happy and content, your brain releases more endorphins, adding even more value to gardening. Another excellent reason to start gardening is the vitamin D that your skin absorbs while outside that’s needed for your overall health.

Build a Puzzle or Play Sudoko

Investing in mind-stimulating games is an excellent way to challenge your brain to work. It’s relaxing but, at the same time, keeps your mind focused while problem-solving. Whenever you have to use your brain for new activities, it stimulates brain health. 

You may also consider some art therapy This will get the brain juices pumping productively. It increases neuroplasticity, which in turn helps your brain to form new neural connectors. 

Exercise Daily

There’s wisdom in the ancient proverb: “Exercise is good for Mind, Body & Soul.” When you train, it increases your blood circulation, which sends more oxygen to your brain instantly. As if that’s not a good enough reason to hit the tarmac, exercise also releases all the feel-good endorphins you need to stay happy and healthy.

According to a study by the Science department of the University of Georgia, exercise facilitates memory functions and processing information. 

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Cook With Your Family & Friends

Try new recipes with your family. Memorizing further information is a healthy training session for your grey matter. When you cook, you have to multitask, which is another excellent way to keep your mind active.

Don’t look at cooking as a burden, but rather a fantastic way to help you focus on detail and stay task-oriented. It can improve your organizational skills in the long run due to the multitasking nature of cooking. 

Learn a New Language

Learning new skills is still the best way to fire up the axons in your brain. Although learning a new language is time-consuming and more complicated than cooking an original recipe, the benefits are endless.

It will improve your intelligence, help you think more analytically, and see symmetry and structure more effectively. It will also benefit your problem-solving skills.

Read a Book

Reading often has the same benefits as learning new skills. It teaches you new things in a fun way and also reduces stress levels. When you read about topics that you’re unfamiliar with, it helps you think differently and to analyze information,

Reading a good novel is fun, and it’s suitable for using your imagination. It increases your vocabulary and teaches you something new each time you open the pages. 

Play a Video Game

If you’re a mommy who keeps on switching the PS 4 off, don’t be so hasty. Research has proven that playing video games has a plethora of benefits for your brain.

Next time you send the kids to the garden for fresh air, grab the console and play a few rounds of an action-adventure game. It increases your memory capacity and can even cure dyslexia.


Switching off is as important as keeping your brain active. Meditation lessens stress levels and teaches your mind to focus. It can help you to maintain control and teach you patience—all the positive attributes needed to stay calm in a busy world.

Start Writing

It’s an excellent activity to help your imagination and expand on your vocabulary. If you write poetry, your brain has to explore rhyming words and phrases, and you have to multitask as you continuously try and explore the perspective of someone else reading your work. 

Play Guitar

You can learn any new instrument. It’s an excellent hand-eye coordination exercise and makes you happy. It’s the age-old happy endorphins that are perfect for a healthier brain. Music also teaches your mind to deal with complex emotions.


There are many small, but vital, changes you can make in your everyday routine that’s good for your brain health and your physical health.

Don’t neglect your most intricate organ and start a new hobby that’ll add many joyful memories to your life.

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