10 Home D�cor Ideas We Bet You Didn�t Know Before

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Home is a place to find love, peace, and everything you need to get comfort. Keeping your home in its best condition is an expression of our love for it. Despite cleanliness and other settings, it is vital to decorate the home as well.

Indeed moving to a new home can bring happiness and joy but can be worrisome when it comes to decorating your place. Imagine a house with a matching theme of everything inside it, and everything goes in harmony with the other. Wouldn’t it look glorious? Surely it will! Your hospitality will be boosted, and your guests will be jovial. 

Just with a little planning and patience, you can give your home a new modern look. If you have built a new house or are thinking of renovating your existing house, you are in the right place. Here are some easy and attractive home decoration ideas that everyone will surely love.

1. Customized Diamond Paintings

Customized diamond-painted wall hangings are becoming voguish day by day. The reason for their increasing demand is the divergent look they provide after being finished. Customized diamond painting allows you to convert your favorite picture to a diamond painting.

You can select a family photo or a solo of yours and have an impression of it on the canvas, which then can be converted to a diamond painting. Family kits are also available for doing customized diamond painting with your family. Develop a customized diamond-painted painting and display it in your guest room. Your guests surely will be dazzled by your decoration sense.

2. Revive the Old Dining Table

Do you think that the classical chair and table setting of a dining table has gone out-fashioned? If yes, then you are here at the right place. You can give your dining table and eating area a new look by adding a bench to the table. Lay down a central decoration piece of your choice and cover the table with a table cloth. Prop a nice glass stand at one side while salt and pepper shakers on the other side.

3. Wooden Honeycomb Shelves for the Living Room

If you have a spare wall in the living room and you are thinking about its decoration, get wooden honeycomb-shaped shelves. You can fix 5 to 6 of these shelves and decorate them further with artificial flower or picture hangings. You can put some decoration pieces of your choice, artificial plants, DVD’s, and even magazines or books to accompany your guests when you are busy in the kitchen.

4. Moon Lamps

Moon lamps are an exciting embellishment piece. Surprisingly, people of all age groups, including kids and elders, like it equally. They are available in large variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Half-crescent moon lamps are a new edition to the moon lamps variety. If your kids keep the light turned on at night in their bedroom, or you want a night light, a moon lamp is your thing. Prop a moon lamp at your side table or a central table in your living room. Now you can enjoy the encompassing artificial light and alluring look of the moon in your room. You can also look into desktop globes.

5. Terrace Renovation

Terraces are a great place to have a cup of tea in the evening or enjoy rain on a rainy day. You can decorate your terrace with a small sofa, some cheap night lights and a decent table. Choose a wall of terrace and hang night lights so that they cover the wall. Put the sofa by this wall and place the table in front of this sofa. You just transformed your empty terrace into a cozy and comforting sitting area.

6. DIY Crafts

If you are tight on a budget, consider adding some DIY crafts to your walls and shelves. If for Christmas, you can grab your old pair of socks, embellish it with pearls and embroidery and hang it above the fireplace. You can also grab a large old bowl and fill it with stones and habitat fish. Another smart idea is to use epoxy and get away with making cheap yet beautiful decoration pieces. 

7. Galaxy Rose

Galaxy Roses are one of trending home d or and gifting ideas. These are handmade, polyethylene roses. Galaxy Roses are coated with 24K gold foils. They add beauty to your homes and look stunning. These are available single and in bunches too to glorify your homes.

8. Mirror Decor

If you have an empty wall and space at the entrance of your living room, this is the best idea you can apply. The market is filled with a number of mirror showpieces and hangings. Get one or two to give your room more beautiful look. Hang a decent, simple mirror on the sidewall and place a table below it. Embellish the table with artificial flowers, plants, or creepers. 

9. Kitchen Jar Rack

The kitchen is the central place of the home, and it cannot be denied. Its cleanliness and embellishment are as important as its role in the house. Spices are the central ingredient in any dish but have you ever thought of decorating your kitchen with them? Here is a life-saving idea that will make space for your spices as well as enhance the look of your kitchen. Choose a suitable sized container for your spices and pickles and buy in the amount you need. Now fix a rack on the wall of your kitchen and set all the jars in it. You just saved space and gave your kitchen a modern look.

10. Adjust the Theme

Consider changing the theme for your room or the whole house for a new look. Do not hesitate while going for black, white, grey, or copper color, as these colors are pre-eminently decent. After selecting the theme, place the rug of your chosen color in the living room. Put a central table and a side table, both of the same colors, and place some decent decoration pieces on the tables. Adorn the corner of the room by a tall plant. 

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