10 Smart Strategies To Get Amazing Newborn Photos

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Adjust the Angle

A traditional photo can offer a completely different perspective with a slight change in the photographer’s angle. By adjusting the camera to look from above, rather than straight across, you can create a shot that helps the viewer to imagine a protector or previous generations of loved ones looking in on the newborn from above. In a group shot, this angle helps focus to remain on the newborn, rather than on the faces of the other family members.


Individuals prefer different temperatures, and babies are no different. Caregivers can discern what makes baby the most comfortable, sleepy, alert, etc., and maintain that temperature in the room throughout the session. This small detail can make a big difference in your newborn subject’s cooperation.

Natural Light

Few settings are more universally flattering than early morning and early evening light. Photographs taken in harsh indoor lighting cannot compare without significant editing. Choose a room with a large, unobstructed window and position the camera between the window and the subject. A sheer curtain can be used to help soften the light if it is too bright.

Comfortable Setting

While it is good and important to capture newborns as they truly are, there’s no need to let a baby suffer discomfort for a photo opportunity. If the baby is peacefully sleeping in their swaddle, there’s no need to remove it just to get a photo of a parent’s favorite outfit. Along with keeping newborns comfortable, cute swaddles or blankets can double as perfect props to create a natural setting for babies. If the little one is only happy in a parent’s arms, work to get great shots there until the child is ready to move.

Newborn Alone

It’s important to take some shots with the newborn baby alone as well as with their family. If the baby is uncomfortable with this, an easy solution is to zoom in on the infant and carefully edit the photo later so any other family members in the background are out of focus.

Unique Features

Newborns are constantly changing and growing. Some of their features are short-lived, like their umbilical cord or their tendency to remain in the fetal position. Some babies display unique inherited traits early, and capturing a child’s resemblance to a particular parent as a newborn makes for a timeless treasure.


Newborn photos including family pets are a perfect beginning to a lifetime of family pictures. This first moment together can serve as the beginning of a series of photos captured as the child and pet grow together.


When a baby is new to the outside world, it may seem as though their eyes are always closed. After sleeping moments are captured, a photographer might get lucky enough to catch the slow waking process. Newborns’ eyes change in the first weeks, so a photo of their eyes in this temporary stage would be quite special. Capture a shot of the newborn’s and parent’s open eyes side by side. Whether they resemble each other or not, this shot is sure to invoke sweet memories as the child grows.


Outdoor newborn photographs are important for more than the flattering lighting. Help your subjects choose a location that is not only beautiful, but meaningful to the child’s unfolding story. Think about what landmarks and scenic views make the newborn’s birthplace beautiful, and take them there when weather and the child’s comfort and safety permit. If the newborn is born in a community that loves a specific sport, then the home team’s field is an excellent option. When using an outdoor location, bring a thick quilt to protect the baby from discomfort during shots taken on the ground.


Many families have mementos that they treasure, sometimes over generations. Other families find a new gift for their child, such as a book, garment, or toy. It can be impossible or unnecessary to get the newborn to hold an item. Options include positioning it near the child or, if it is soft and lightweight, placing it on the baby, taking care not to obstruct the child’s airway or injure the child with the object.

These methods and more are used by Newborn Photographer The Wish Brisbane to capture beautiful moments that will be meaningful for years to come. 

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