10 Smart Ways Of Making Your Kids Eat More Meats

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Are you struggling to get your child to eat meat? Parents become worried and frustrated when their child shows resistance to eating meat; some dislike it because of the taste while others complain of the smell – or even worse, some would just flat-out refuse to eat it. Some mothers even choose to force their children to eat meat; but forcing a child to eat meat is a serious mistake – this will only increase their repulsion to meats.

When your child doesn’t want to eat meat or a certain type of food, its best to present the food in a more tempting way. Lure them with incentives upon finishing a certain quantity of food. It is important to present them only with healthy food choices so that they do not fill up their stomachs with other alternatives. If they are hungry, they are more likely to submit to eating the food choices that you give them.

Meat is important for child development:

Many kids are not meat-eaters; it results in not getting enough protein in their diet. Children have varied protein requirement due to their growth and development, which depends on their weight and age. Protein plays a vital role in building and repairing body tissues; it is also very important as it helps to transport vitamins and minerals throughout the body.

Smart ways to get your child to eat meat:

Following are a few smart ways of making your kids eat more meat. It is important to understand that not every trick will work on your child. You will need to experiment to see which one works for your little one.


  1. Start playing with their imagination:


Start playing with your child’s imagination as it is the best way to get your children to eat meat. You can have variations in types of cuts you are using; you can make dinosaur shaped nuggets or bear-shaped chicken patties. Narrate them an animal story alongside; this will definitely stimulate your child’s imagination and they wouldn’t even notice when they finish the plate.


2. Dips, ketchup, and sauces:


If it’s the meat taste they don’t like, you can dip it in ketchup. No child can ever resist a snack with ketchup. Coat them generously with bread crumb and offer them to dip in ketchup by themselves; this will distract them from meat taste and get the meat’s nutrients in their body.

Dips are very helpful in enhancing the flavor and a big step in the right direction. You can use a lot of BBQ sauce, sour cream, pesto, ketchup, alfredo sauce or any other dip of child’s choice. Just try to think outside the box and you will observe that it works.


3. Don’t call it meat:


If a child doesn’t like meat and you tell them you are serving them a snack that contains meat, they are going to reject it. You can come up with the fun names for new food; this will create a level of intrigue in kids. If you tell them you brought some munchkin poppers (instead of calling them meat balls), they are more likely to fall for the trap.


4. Put it on the sticks:


Another smart way to present food is the use of toothpicks, skewers or barbeque sticks. This will bring an instant fun factor in your child and he will definitely love that. It is a smart and easy way to pull off with a meat snack.


5. Use of cheese:


Meat is usually dry so you can be creative in boosting the flavor of meat. Children love cheese – you can make meat snack recipes with cheese to make it more appetizing. Presentation also plays an important role; present kids with crispy and crunchy textures for attraction. If they see loads of cheese on the top, they will eat it happily; but if they see meat on the top, they will not even want to touch it.


6. Breading:


There are a lot of ways you can wrap and conceal meat inside bread. You can make small pieces of meat or shred it, add some seasoning to your bread for lots of flavor. It’s best to put meat inside the bread and mince it up in cheese.


7. Involve your kids in cooking:


Most children love to cook. By involving them in the preparation of a meal, you can increase their willingness to eat something. It is a great way to get them excited about eating meat. In this way, they will try their own food and feel proud of it.


8. Make some small bites:


Usually, kids take a larger bite of meat, later when it gets so tacky after chewing, they regret it. Young kids who do not have canines to bite meat get overwhelmed by chewing meats. It is better to make small meat strips which are thin and flat to make them easy to chew for little ones.


9. Conceal among vegetables:


Another way of overcoming their repulsion to meat is to conceal it among vegetables. Use little quantity of meats with more vegetables; this way, they are less likely to notice the meats. You can try this in pasta or a sandwich.


10. Order meat at the restaurant:


Children are prone to take home-made food for granted. Restaurants present the same dish or snack with an appetizing look and mouth-watering flavor. You can order super-tasty meatloaf from Bob Evans for only $8.99 and watch your kids finish it within minutes.

If feeding meat is becoming a challenge, serve it in a way that your child will not know they are eating meat. You can try smart ways to make delicious meat foodstuff and your children will start loving it. It usually takes a long time before kids start accepting a new kind of food – be patient, you will succeed!

Are you struggling to get your child to eat meat?  Today I'm sharing 10 smart ways of making your kids eat more meat! #kids #parenting #eating #meat

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