10 Summer Gifts Your Dad Will Love

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t already started shopping for your dad, now’s the time to do so. Unsure of what he wants? Here are some great summer gifts your dad will love!

  1. An electric toothbrush. All those summer cookouts and nights on the beach enjoying a can of craft beer can wreak havoc on your dad’s dental hygiene. In fact, other summer staples — citrus fruits included — are some of the worst foods for your teeth. Show Dad you care this year by giving him an electric toothbrush set! There are many companies and brands these days that are both affordable and of excellent quality, so you know that no matter what you pick, your dad’s teeth will be in good shape. 
  1. A grill. Go all out this year and get your dad a grill! Whether he already has one and needs a new one, or he’s never had one but dreams of becoming the next grill master, a grill is always a go-to choice for dads everywhere. There are so many options to choose from, so try to sneak some ideas as to which he’d prefer while watching all those outdoor HGTV shows or on your next trip to the hardware store. He’ll be so excited to break out his new toy!
  1. A cutting board. He’ll need something to plate all his newly grilled items on, and a personalized cutting board is perfect for that! Personalized gifts for dad are all the rage, so definitely make considerations. Get him one with his initials on it for a unique addition. It’s perfect for displaying food or using to cut items on. Either way, he’ll love it! Make sure to wash it according to the instructions — some cutting boards are made from wood that scratches easily or needs to be oiled from time to time. 
  1. A pair of pajamas. Does your dad have a favorite movie or TV show? Get him a pair of pajamas in support! Whether it’s Star Wars or Harry Potter, there’s a PJ set out there that’s perfect for him. If you’re having trouble finding a matching shirt, a set of PJ pants will do the trick — he can never have enough of those hanging around! We all know how dads lose things, even when they’re right in front of him. 
  1. Something for the kitchen. If your dad likes to cook and spend time in the kitchen, why not get him something for his space? Whether you get him a fun personalized apron or you find him a handy set of unique cooking tools, he’ll love getting to use new things in his favorite space. Pay attention to the way his kitchen is currently set up, and try to take stock of what he currently has and might need. There’s lots of fun new kitchen gadgets out there now, so you’re sure to find something he’ll love.
  1. A pair of sneakers. We all know the “dad shoe,” so it’s probably time to get him a new pair. You can either replace the ones he currently has, or take him shopping for brand new ones. Sure, he might complain at first, but once he gets his hands on a fresh pair of sneakers there will be no stopping him. The lawn will never have looked fresher, and all those outdoor chores he’d been putting off will suddenly be completed.
  1. A six-pack of custom beer. Many local breweries and cideries will be putting together custom brews for upcoming holidays. And, some might even do small batches by request! Consider giving your dad the gift of his own custom flavor by checking with your local breweries to find out if any of them offer custom small-batch brews. He’ll be so elated to combine his love of beer with a truly unique gift from one of his kids! 

The breweries will usually package them nicely in custom packaging, but you could always decorate the box or get him a nice display board to place them on. Invite everyone over for a get-together and enjoy some of your dad’s beer!

  1. An artisan shaving kit. Summer means cookouts, which means more and more people will see your dad. There’s no excuse for your dad’s beard not to look in tip-top shape this season. Even if he’s growing it out, he should still be trimming it and keeping it tidy. An artisan shaving kit will take his shaving experience to the next level, elevating it just enough for him to enjoy a fresh shave and keep his facial hair looking good. 
  1. A new beach towel. A great summer gift for any dad, a beach towel is a classic. He can never have too many! If he spends his summers at a beach house or constantly traveling to the closest water feature, a new beach towel is a must. Get him one that says “dad” on it, or even one that has all his children’s names on it! Grandfathers aren’t excluded from this, either — a fun beach towel with the names of his grandkids is a sweet gift!
  1. A cooler. Spending time outdoors this summer will be hot — in fact, some experts claim that parts of the U.S. will be much hotter than normal. You dad’s gonna need a cooler, stocked and ready with lots of ice for his water and beer. No matter where he goes during his summer vacations — even if it’s just to the backyard — he’ll be sure to have enough cold drinks and snacks to make the heat a little more bearable. Those hot afternoons by the grill will, hopefully, be shaded, but having a cooler right there next to him should make it a bit easier.

Finding the right gift for your dad this summer can be difficult. Whether you get him a shaving kit or a grill, he’ll love whatever you give because it’s coming from you!

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