10 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney World

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Most people know that Disney World includes four theme parks, two water parks, a central shopping and entertainment district called Disney Springs and a host of hotels. That covers the basics, but there are still surprises. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Disney World.

1. Hidden Details Are Everywhere

One thing at which Disney excels is attention to detail. If you look closely, you’ll spot dozens of “hidden Mickeys.” These Mickey Mouse logos are worked into carpets, paintings, woodwork, walkways and pretty much everywhere else.

2. Smart Design Keeps You Focused

Disney’s expert designers aim for an immersive experience. Accordingly, they’ve designed every land to prevent you from noticing the neighboring land. You won’t be able to glimpse Fantasy Land while you’re enjoying Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. It’s all a part of Disney’s incredible attention to detail.

3. Cinderella Castle’s Secret Hotel Suite

Originally intended as an apartment for Walt’s family, the secret suite inside Cinderella’s Castle is now used for specially invited guests, and some lucky people win or are chosen to spend a night there.

4. Smellitizers Enhance Your Experience

Park designers use special vents to pipe scents into lands and attractions to provide a more immersive experience. You’ll smell the salty sea air on Pirates of the Caribbean and fresh baked goods on Main Street.

5. The World Is a Stage

Disney refers to employees as “cast members” and to visitors as “guests.” As soon as guests enter Disney property, they become part of the show. Cast members are not allowed to enter other parts of the parks in which they are employed when they are wearing their costumes. After all, what place does a Star Wars Stormtrooper have near the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

6. Underground Tunnels Support the Illusion

A complex system of “utilidors” underpins Disney World parks. Cast members use these to get around so that the “show” isn’t spoiled for guests. For a sizable fee, you can tour these “backstage” areas.

7. Everything Is Clean

Disney employees strive to keep the parks sparkling. Trash cans are everywhere, and so is custodial staff. Gum is not sold in the parks to keep the sticky stuff off of the clean surfaces and the ground. Everything gets cleaned every night so that guests can have a wonderful experience the next day.

8. Cast Members Are Disney Experts

Have a question? Ask a cast member! Each one undergoes intensive training concerning Disney lore and traditions. They never break character, and they are empowered to surprise and delight visitors.

9. The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Can Save You Money

DVC points bought or rented from existing DVC members can help you save money on your accommodation at a Disney resort. DVC resale points are for sale by owner, so they can be up to 50% off Disney’s direct prices. If you choose to buy DVC, you may want to
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These are timeshare units available for sale and rental by the owner at substantial discounts within one of the Disney resorts. If you are having a second thought on your timeshare because of some negative reviews you read online, you seek advice from the best timeshare cancellation company.

  1. Off-Season Visits Can Be Best 

    Consider visiting in January, particularly the last two weeks of the month, or in September to enjoy lighter crowds. Everyone flocks to the parks in the summer, but the off-season gives you a more intimate and less hectic perspective.

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