10 Tips for Getting Your Family Involved in Meal Prep

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You already know the advantages of meal prep: it saves money, helps you eat healthily, and alleviates the stress of trying to put together a last-minute meal. But cooking in large batches can be a bore by yourself – so why not get your whole family involved? You’ll have to pry them away from their phones or computers, which is not the simplest task. Here are some tips that can help you persuade your family members to be your assistant chefs in the kitchen:

  1. Allow them to pick the meals or ingredients. Kids will be more enthusiastic about cooking when they can create recipes that they love. They can search on different websites to find potential dinners for the whole family to enjoy. Or maybe they want a familiar home-cooked meal. Either way, leaving the choice in their hands will boost their enthusiasm when it’s time to cook.
  1. Give them simple and fun tasks. Forget about asking them to wash the dishes as you go – it’ll send them straight back to their bedrooms. Instead, involve your little ones in the more exciting parts of cooking. For example, have them stir or measure the ingredients. Some older kids will enjoy adding raw vegetables to a sizzling pan.
  1. Encourage them to participate in quality time with family. It’s important to spend time being with our children to nurture and support them. Making meals is an opportunity to grow closer with your family. Cooking dinner is a bonding experience that gives families the chance to create lasting memories.
  1. Let them sample different ingredients as you cook. They might want to try the soup broth that’s simmering or the spice blend you’re mixing once they get a whiff of it. You can ask them what they think of the dish so far, and if it needs any adjustments, like more pepper or salt. They’ll feel like a real chef as they help you create the perfect dish. Trying different components of the meal along the way can be a fun experience for your family.
  1. Plant a garden together that you can use to cook with. Your children will enjoy the process of cooking even more when they watch how ingredients begin as seeds in the soil, and end up in delicious dishes. Start a summer garden with staple produce items like tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes. You can also grow herbs like basil or mint – they smell amazing when they’re homegrown!
  1. Take them shopping with you. Get your family to accompany you to the store to select the protein and vegetables to buy. It will excite them even more to cook with ingredients they chose. Sitting down and writing out a shopping list lets your kids add their favorite fruits or vegetables to the family dinner. It also allows you to educate them about crafting a healthy, balanced meal.
  1. Tell them how healthy and efficient meal prep is. Your kids might be more willing to help if they understand the advantages that batch cooking offers. Educate them about the benefits of meal prepping. It lets you balance nutrients instead of compromising for fast food. You can eat fresh meals rather than pre-packaged frozen dinners from the grocery store. Once your family understands how beneficial (and delicious) it is to meal prep, they may be more willing to help you with it.
  1. Let them assemble the plates. Your children might enjoy decorating the plates once the dish is assembled. Spreading sauce on top of a savory chicken breast, pouring a drizzle of olive oil, or adding a sprinkle of parsley can make a plain dish look like a gourmet meal.
  1. Try to cook new things with them. Is it time to mix up your regular menu plan? Be adventurous and try something different with your kids. If they have a hand in picking the new dish, they won’t be as afraid of it as they might be if it showed up unannounced on their dinner plates.
  1. Let them turn your dining room into a restaurant. You can ask your kids to draw up a menu for tonight’s meal to transform your eating experience. Ask them to set the table to create an authentic evening of fine dining. Purchase aprons and chef hats so everyone can dress up before the cooking begins. They can even make a music playlist for everyone to enjoy while cooking and eating.

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