10 Unknown Facts about Emma Watson That No Harry Potter Fan Knows

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Many Harry Potter fans fell in love with Emma Watson and her personality. The actress was charming right from her debut in the big screen. Her role in the Harry Potter sequel was her rise to fame. She blew many Harry Potter fans with her cuteness and charming personality in front of the cameras. Fast forward two decades, many Harry Potter fans adore and treasure her like a goddess. Although she has appeared in only two major films (the other one being Beauty and the Beast) we feel that she has been around for eternity.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 31: Emma Watson attends the UK premiere of “Noah” at Odeon Leicester Square on March 31, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

As one of the Harry Potter fanatics, I have adored and cherished Emma Watson ever since watching the first Harry Potter film. The character of Hermione which she plays is one of the reasons that I have watched all the Harry Potter movies. It is due to this that I dug deep and prepared an article about interesting facts about Emma Watson that you probably did not know from TheStickyFacts.com and other sources. Do you think you know Emma Watson that well? You can rate yourself from how much you know from the following facts:

  1. She Was Born in France

We all know that Emma Watson is English (I hope so). However, Emma Watson was actually born in France. She was born to two English lawyers Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. She lived in Maissons-Laffitte near Paris and then relocated to England in Oxfordshire after the divorce of her parents. She speaks some French but not fluently.

  1. Hermione Was Her First Professional Role

Emma Watson had no professional experience on film prior to the Hermione role she played in the Harry Potter franchise. She admitted going to the auditions for the role without any professional assistance and help from her friends and family helped her to land the role. She managed to win over the adjudicators and boy did she impress in the film. Her maiden role in a film was so large that it is still her largest role to date. That’s what made her famous (at least that’s how I knew her).

  1. She Is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor

This is no joke. Emma Watson is a fully certified yoga and meditation instructor. Do you ever wonder how she has managed to keep that seamless figure and flawless skin? Yoga is the answer. She has training in conducting yoga sessions and meditation classes. Imagine signing for a yoga class and finding out that Emma Watson is your instructor. Crazy, right?

  1. She Was a Student

Although Emma was dedicated to film in her young and adolescent years, she managed to go to school like any other teenager. Emma attended the prestigious Dragon school in Oxford where she attained a spotless academic record apart from excelling in co-curricular activities specifically theater. She managed to record majority of straight A’s in her A level. The actress has both beauty and brains. Who said that you can’t have it all. Emma’s got it all.

  1. She Almost Quit Harry Potter

Emma almost didn’t appear as Hermione for the last three episodes of the Harry Potter franchise as she wanted to focus on areas outside acting. This is a fact about Emma that she wanted to delve more into fashion and other things but she changed her mind and decided to stay on. She also attributed her wanting to leave to a long time that filming the Harry Potter sequels took. We are all very lucky she didn’t leave. Just imagine Harry Potter without Emma Watson. It would have been less thrilling.

  1. She Turned Down Cinderella

Emma Watson received a role to star in Cinderella but she declined it citing character dissatisfaction. She said that the role somehow did not fulfill her persona of a firm and dependent woman. She almost turned down Beauty and the Beast citing similar reasons but the director assured her the plot and characterization would be changed to fit her preferences. This was not surprising as she has always noted her intolerance with projects that do not fit her character and personality. This is the main reason why she loved playing Hermione as the character was bossy and motherly.

  1. She Loves Reading

Emma is a big bookworm. She even launched her own book club two years back. She loves a variety of genres ranging from historical fiction to teen drama novels. She has often spoken about her passion for books in public and even has a list of recommendations for her fellow readers to try out. Books such as The Constant Princess, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Handmaid’s Tale and Wild are some of Emma Watson’s favorite reads so be sure to grab one and have a try at the actress’s taste.

  1. She Had a Crush on Draco Malfoy

Emma revealed that she had a huge crush on Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise. She has been known to love bad boys and her crush on Felton is the beginning of this. She said that she liked Tom mainly because he was cute, had a skate board and was a bad boy. This leaves me wondering how awkward filming Harry Potter alongside Tom Felton was but we all have crushes, don’t we?

  1. She Has a Degree in English Literature

Many actresses abandon academic education when their careers blossom. Emma Watson attained her degree in English Literature from Brown University. She managed to juggle her acting career with education. Emma had always stated that she wanted to fully experience the life of a non-celebrity student. She attended university for six years and graduated in 2014 and she has her degree to show for it. Her university education did not come easy as she had to drop out several times in order to commit to acting roles. According to her, completing her education was very crucial in being a perfect role model for women all around the world. Let us see whether she picks up a career from her degree.

  1. She loves keeping Records

Not everyone likes keeping records; however, it is usually healthy. For Emma Watson keeping records of her life in diaries is what she likes. Presently, she has written over thirty journals about herself.

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