10 useful methods to make your small room look bigger

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Designing a room is more than designing the room itself. If you have limited room space and want to find some easy and cost-efficient ways to make your room visually looks bigger, we got you! It would be best if you also designed its surroundings. Here are some useful tips to solve your problems!

1. Add mirrors

Mirrors create an illusion of space and help in extending the room visually. Place them on opposite walls so that it appears like one mirror and enhance the room appearance by double its size.

2. Use light colors

When we enter a room, we see it with our eyes, but what we feel is controlled by our brains. Colors have different effects on us. Light colors such as white, off-white fuzzy yellows give us a sense of space, while dark tones such as navy blue or maroon tend to appear smaller than they are.

3. Bring nature home

A room with a garden is bound to look bigger and beautiful. You can add small potted plants to the room, which will help you decorate your room and make it look spacious. You could also use floral-themed wallpaper or green botanical wall murals to bring beautiful nature close to you.

4. Use high ceilings

High ceilings always give an illusion of space in small rooms too. So even if your room does not have a lot of windows or doors, you can still carve out some space by adding a high ceiling. In simple terms, the more room above you means more room for air and space.

5. Make room for storage

You need to keep only those items that blend with the general scheme of things; try not to add too many things in a room because it tends to crowd up space and make the room look smaller than what it is.

6. Use concealed spaces

Concealed spaces add value to your room and help you better room usage and storage solutions-for example, home bars. If there is no room for a bar in your room, then just get yourself an almirah or a table that can be used as one and place the set of glasses on it.

7. Glass doors

Turn your glass door into large doors by adding blinds behind them so they don’t feel like walls anymore and take away the sense of claustrophobia from them while retaining their functionality and beauty.

8. Mirrors on a mirror

You will be amazed at the effect that mirrors behind a mirror produce in-room width. This gives you ample room space but requires more effort as well as money to implement it. But it’s worth the trouble, especially if the room is small and crowded.

9. Add height

The combination of vertical and horizontal dimensions gives us an idea about room size, so try to add as much height as possible by concealing electric posts and other stuff with high cabinets to create room appearance.

10. Paint the entire room

One way to trick your brain into thinking that a room is larger than it looks is to paint the entire room one color. If there are different colors in the room, one wall should be painted while the other three remain the same. It is excellent to give your room a uniform appearance so that room looks spacious.

If you live in a small room, it does not mean that you should not do anything about it. If your room is small but has high ceilings or has an open design room, you can make it look bigger than its size. You do not have to get rid of the room, and you just need to know how to decorate it nicely. Here are some ideas for your room decoration:

Choose furniture with storage space. Keep your room floor clean by choosing furniture that has storage under it or inside it. The more hidden places there are in the room; then the smaller the room will be because people may think that they have seen everything in the room when they only see the pieces of furniture and nothing else. So, let them think that room has a lot of hidden places.

Use bright colors of the room. Use room or wall mural and curtain to make the brightness of color in your room. There are many color options you can choose from, such as yellow, red, and green. These bright colors will bring more light inside the room, so it looks more significant than its size. But we do not recommend you use white because it seems too clean in a small room, but in fact, this makes the room look smaller in size, so try to avoid using white in small rooms except you have large windows in the living room.

White is perfect for big rooms with windows, so when there are no windows, you should use another bright color instead since they also come with an additional lighting effect that can make the room looks larger.

If you have a room with a high ceiling, it is better to put a lot of furniture in there so the room will look more significant than its size. In addition to that, try not to add more stuff on the floor such as books or other things because they may make the room look crowded and small.

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