11 Fun Activities to Try with Your Family This Holiday Season

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Someone in a movie once said, “Nothing is more important than family.” And since the holiday season is approaching, there’s no better time to embrace this proverb. After all, seeing a sad face light up to the sound of jingle bells and enjoying chocolate chip cookies with milk are all incomparable moments of joy.

While the holidays may look a little different this year – without parades or neighborhood parties to attend – there is still plenty of seasonal magic to be found. That means you can make the most of everything. When it comes to planning your holiday activities, you may get the feeling that there is nothing new or fascinating left for you to do with your family. But, think again. You can explore various fun family activities and ignite the holiday spirit.

To help you, we’ve put together a few fun and unforgettable activities that you can do together as a family. So, try a few of these ideas, and you’ll be laughing, smiling, and loving your way back to your routine.

1. Plan a Trip

Trips can be a great family activity for the holidays if the kids can sit still for longer periods. Trips are ideal for exploring, sightseeing, and spending quality time with your family. And if a trip to the beach is what your entire family prefers, visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, might be what you need.

From tours on gondolas to fishing, there are so many things to do in Myrtle Beach that you’ll never want to leave. In short, the city is never short of fun, so you and your family are bound to have a wonderful time. Moreover, ensure to bring sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and wear sun-protective clothing.

2. Make Neighbor-Friendly Treats 

While it may be enticing to keep all tasty holiday treats to yourself, spread the holiday cheer by baking snacks for your neighbors. You may not be able to spend the holidays with them as you usually would. Still, you can let them know your family thinks of them by leaving a nice gesture at their front doors.

3. Knit as a Group 

Knitting, according to science, makes you feel warmer and satisfied mentally, and this activity matches well with the spirit of the holidays. So, start by learning the fundamentals of knitting (including the men in the family who have no reason not to participate) and hold a monthly knit-off. After a family vote, whoever ends up creating the best piece of knitwear can win something of your choosing – perhaps a night off from cleaning the dishes.

4. Perform some Volunteer Work

Look around your neighborhood for sites where you can volunteer. Popular choices include animal sanctuaries – there’s probably a cat shelter nearby, so why not help re-home some adorable felines while you’re at it? The added benefit is that it will teach your children empathy and doing good for others, which is a remarkable personality trait to have.

5. Make Holiday Cookie Decorations 

When it comes to holiday activities for the family, it is essential to include some tasty treats in the mix. Decorating holiday cookies is fun to express yourself while savoring a holiday treat. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours with your kids, from baking the cookies to decorating and icing them however you want.

6. Decorate Your Residence 

Convince the whole family to decorate the house together and get into the holiday spirit. Your family can collaborate to make adorable homemade decorations. These include a centerpiece for the holiday dinner table, paper snowflakes, or even wrapping the kids’ bedroom doors to look like gifts.

7. Visit a Campground

Consider a camping trip with your family if you’re looking for a relatively long holiday activity other than hiking. Camping trips are great family activities because they allow you to learn about survival skills, wildlife and reduce your reliance on technology. These trips frequently result in long-lasting memories that the entire family will reflect on in the years to come. Bring fun custom-made fleece bedspreads along so the kids can stay cozy inside their tents.

8. Make S’mores

If you haven’t had these yet, stop what you’re doing and make some—s’mores are delicious. S’mores are the ideal holiday treat that the entire family can get into and thoroughly enjoy. Allow us to explain: The best kind of S’mores, the ones everyone prefers, go something like this – You start with a fire-roasted marshmallow, then add a layer of your favorite chocolate, and finish with two pieces of graham cracker. It’s that easy.

9. Make a scrapbook for your family

Creating a scrapbook is a unique yet fun way to look back and reminisce about all of your family’s expeditions and good times. All of your experiences can be preserved in the form of photographs, pressed flowers, ticket stubs, or just about anything else. And if you involve the entire family in this lovely project, it will be something you treasure for a lifetime.

10. Take part in a scavenger hunt

Limit the territory to the backyard, and children will suddenly notice objects that they would typically ignore. Set a time limit (half an hour for 20 clues) and provide each kid with a list of hints and a bag to hold their booty. Inspire their imaginations with phrases like “something that smells bad” or “an object that begins with the letter GI.” (This also prevents the kids from slamming into each other while racing for the one blue spatula) When the timer goes off, count up who found the most objects. Aside from bragging rights, the winner receives a fun award, such as a movie ticket or ice cream.

11. Send Letters to Santa 

Writing a letter to Santa is one traditional holiday activity we have to mention in this list. So, share some of your child’s excitement by sitting down with them as they start writing their wish list to Santa. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your kids to practice their writing skills. Even if your family does not celebrate Christmas, you can still sit down and make a holiday gift Wishlist. Or, you can strategize ways to give back to your community and dear ones during the holiday season.


That concludes our list of exciting and fun activities you can do this holiday season with your family. Undoubtedly, it is tough to think of an activity that captures the attention of both adults and wrangling kids. Still, the activities listed above are fun and intuitive for people of all ages. So, use these ideas as a guide, get your family involved, and make every moment of the holidays count.

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