12 Common Mistakes New Parents Make When Using Cloth Diapers

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Having a baby is a beautiful experience for the parents. When the long wait of 9 months is over and the baby arrives into this world, that moment remains etched upon the parents’ hearts and minds. They promise their little ones that they will provide him with the best of everything.

Nobody is a perfect parent, and especially new parents are far from it. Having a child is a new experience and it takes time to get a hang of it. Mistakes are going to happen and it will make the new parents learn a lot about their parenting journey and how to raise a newborn.

Feeding a baby, making him sleep, giving him a bath, and even changing the diaper of the baby are some of the areas where some common mistakes are made by new mothers.  

In today’s article, we are going to talk about common mistakes parents make when using cloth diapers. Keep reading to avoid these mistakes.

12 Common Mistakes New Parents Make When Using Cloth Diapers

  1. Buying Low-Quality Cloth Diaper

The first common mistake new moms make is buying low-quality cloth diapers for their babies. Diapers are the most used item by your baby. It comes directly in contact with your baby’s skin and his private parts. Buying a substandard cloth diaper, or diapers made from synthetic materials will expose your baby to skin problems in the long run.

Synthetic diapers are made from polyester. This material is not friendly for the sensitive skin of the babies. Try to purchase the diapers that are made from natural cotton and their inner part is also absorbent.

One of the biggest benefits of using a cloth diaper instead of the disposable one is that it is easy on the pocket. Therefore, don’t try to save more money by buying low-quality cloth diapers for your little one.

  1. Buying Large Sized Diaper

While this may seem a good idea to buy diapers that are slightly larger than the ones that fit your baby, so that you can use them for a longer period. But, this can actually double your work.

When the diapers are not going to fit properly, you’ll have to use big covers over the oversized diaper, to make them fit. Loose diapers also increase the chances of leakage. You’ll not only have to wash the diapers, but also the covers that you made the baby wear.

Trying to save money by getting larger diapers will consume more time in cleaning up the mess that resulted due to loose diapers.

  1. Not Changing the Diaper Frequently 

Believe it or not, but many parents think that a cloth diaper has the same absorbency as a disposable diaper, wrong.

Cloth diapers are absorbent but not as much as disposable diapers. Cloth diapers need changing as soon as it gets wet. Not changing the diaper will irritate the baby and will develop rashes and other allergies on his skin.

Always have backup diapers ready if the diaper that your baby is wearing becomes soiled. This will keep your baby comfortable and will prevent the chances of leaking.

  1. Not Having Enough Stack

More than any other thing, newborns will need an ample amount of diapers. On average, a newborn needs 10-12 diapers a day. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the baby was using disposable diapers. But, with cloth diapers, this means multiple rounds of laundry in a week.

To save yourself from washing nappies every other day, keep a handful amount of cloth diapers at your disposal.

  1. Delaying in Washing Diapers

This is another common mistake that new mothers make. Life with a newborn means not getting enough rest. When the babies are sleeping, mothers may be tempted to doze off and wash the stash of dirty diapers later.

Remember, it’s not a good idea to leave the dirty diapers unwashed for more than 3 days. Ideally, they should be washed immediately, if washing them daily is not possible, then do not keep them in a laundry basket for more than 3 days.

Not only will they stink and make it difficult for you to get rid of that smell but also because urine breaks down into ammonia which stains the cloth diapers and makes them difficult to clean. Washing the nappies regularly will keep them in a good condition for a longer time and no foul smell will linger.

  1. Washing the Cloth Diapers Incorrectly

Yes, washing the baby diapers also has a proper method to make them usable for a longer period of time.

Cloth diapers are not washed like adult clothes. Washing them at extreme temperatures will not cause an instant problem, but slowly they will damage the fabric of the diaper.

Furthermore, refrain to wash them with detergent or other fabric softeners. They leave a fine residue behind which can be problematic for the baby’s skin. If you are worried about germs and other bacteria, then rinse the diaper with the diluted bleach to kill any bacteria that have started to mold.

Make sure you read the manufacturers’ guide for selecting the washing solutions and detergents that are not going to wear off the fabric of the cloth diaper.

  1. Not Rinsing the Diaper After Every Use

If your baby has pooped then don’t forget to rinse the diaper before you throw it in the laundry basket. Not rinsing the diaper will make your laundry basket stink horrendously.

It will also become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Once your baby has done the dirty job, dump it in the toilet and then rinse the cloth diaper. 

To make your job easier, use a diaper liner. It will not let the diaper get dirty if your baby has pooped. You can easily dump it in the toilet and then you won’t be needing to rinse your diaper.

  1. Not Drying the Diapers Properly

The best way to dry the cloth diaper is air drying. Hanging them outside to dry is the best way to dry them. If hanging them outside is not an option, then you can hang them for drying on the laundry racks inside the house.

However, if you urgently need the diapers and want them to dry quickly, you may use the dryer. But ensure that the diapers are not left there for long. Take them out frequently to check if they have dried or not.

  1. Overusing the Diaper Cream

Diaper creams are great for soothing rashes and allergies caused due to wearing diapers. Using it more than often will deteriorate the absorbency of the cloth diaper.

It is next to impossible to wash off the diaper creams of the cloth diaper. It remains stuck to the diaper and reduces the absorbency. 

If a mother makes the mistake of applying too much diaper cream after every use, then it will be deposited on the cloth diaper and will ruin the fabric. Remember, you don’t have to apply diaper cream every time you change the diaper. Once or twice a day is more than enough.

However, if your baby’s skin is sensitive or if your family doctor has prescribed to use a diaper cream then use diapers liners to prevent the buildup of cream on cloth diapers.

  1. Not Keeping a Wet Diaper Bag When Outside

The little angels don’t have a schedule to poop. They will dirty the diaper as per their mood and convenience. This means parents have to be prepared to take care of the dirty cloth diapers when outside the house.

This is a common mistake that new moms make. They fail to keep a wet diaper bag to store the soiled wet diaper when outside.

Always keep one or two bags when outside. If keeping a wet diaper bag is not an option, then you can keep a few Ziploc bags to keep the diapers. But, Ziploc bags will not lock the odor of dirty diapers. Only use them when you will return soon to the house. Using them for longer journeys is not advisable. 

  1. Using Essential Oils on Diapers

Essential oils have numerous health benefits. They not only have pleasing aromas but can heal many skin related problems. However, every skin is different. Essential oils might not suit every skin type.

A baby’s skin is sensitive and using essential oils on cloth diapers will make his skin come in direct contact with it. Oils might make your diapers smell fresh, but they will irritate your little ones’ skin even if you have diluted them.

According to healthline.com, the following oils should not be used around infants, let alone using on them:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Fennel
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  1. Buying Diapers in Bulk Before the Birth of the Baby

Another common mistake new moms can make is purchasing cloth diapers in bulk. While it is a good idea to have an ample stash of clean diapers to save you from the multiple rounds of laundry, your hard-earned money might go to waste if a cloth diaper doesn’t suit your baby or harms his skin.

Before the birth of the baby, only buy the diapers that will last you a few weeks and not more than that. Observe if it is suiting your baby and not giving him a rash. If your baby is comfortable using them, then you can always buy more. 

If you don’t find using cloth diapers comfortable, then you can always switch to disposable diapers. You can keep the cloth diapers for emergency use. It is one of the greatest benefits of a cloth diaper that it doesn’t contain any chemicals and can be used for a longer period of time.

Wrapping it up!

Nobody becomes an expert parent overnight. Making mistakes is an integral part of this beautiful journey of parenting.

We hope that this article must have made you aware of some common mistakes while using a cloth diaper.

Which mistakes did you make the most? Let us know by commenting below.

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