12 Gift Ideas for Your Father

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When it comes to gift-giving, dads are incredibly tricky to shop for. But just because he already has everything he desires (or is just way too picky about the things he doesn’t), that’s no reason to give him yet another bland tie or gift voucher this year.

We’ve compiled a list of ‘12 Gift Ideas For Your Father’ to assist you in finding the ideal gift for Dad—one that he’ll actually enjoy and use.

Here are our 12 ideas for an ideal gift for your father.

1. For the Classy Dad 

Watches and wallets are the universal go-to accessories that dads wear. They top the list of ‘Best Sellers’ as you can never go wrong with a watch as a gift for your dad: no size issues, no color preferences. Slim leather finish watches give them classic and minimalistic bling. It is a timeless option. You could also consider leather backpacks, phone covers, key chains, etc.

2. For the Sports Loving Dad 

Personalized sports jerseys are exclusively personal. This is the best gift you could buy for a sports fanatic dad. To add an intimate touch to it, get your dad’s name customized on the jersey with his favorite player’s jersey number.

3. For the Outfit Conscious Dad

Jackets are the perfect multi-functional outfit for all genders. They’re affordable & a lifetime investment. Softshell jacket custom designed never run out of fashion. What more features do you need to gift jackets to your dad?

4. For the Dad who Shaves on His Own

Buy a super-fancy & luxurious shaving kit with customized scented beard oil, high-quality whiskey after-wash lotion, with fragrant shaving cream. Take a step further, and get his initials scripted onto the razor.

5. For the Always on the Run Dad

If your dad travels a lot, is adventurous, goes camping then a temperature maintaining cup/bottle is apt! These do an excellent job of maintaining the temperatures.

6. For the Gym Freak Dad

Many individuals choose to keep track of time by wearing a watch on their wrist. The function (merely reporting the time) or the appearance is both important.

On the other hand, smart/fitness bands act as an unseen guide who directs you to your destination. It assists in the monitoring of your well-being. Your fitness band can track the number of calories you’ve burnt, & the number of steps you’ve taken.  While on the move, you may receive and react to calls and texts. 

You can watch YouTube on your smart band with only a few clicks. They come in a number of styles, have a sleek appearance, and are waterproof!

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8. For the Plant Dad

If you have a gardener dad, then indoor exotic plants are an ideal gift for him. Indoor plants have been proven to improve your mood, productivity, cognition, and innovation, in addition to improving the general aesthetic of a place. Stress, tiredness, sore throats, and colds can all be reduced. 

They absorb pollutants, increase humidity, and produce oxygen to help clean the ambient environment. How-to-guides like guyabouthome are also available online that help you with growing them. Give your barren room some life, provide seclusion, and lower noise levels!

8. For the Bookworm Dad

Library subscriptions are an amazing gift as they provide not only books but also media, audiobooks, graphic novels, magazines, and music. Using the library regularly is one of the most efficient ways of developing their traffic since they’re non-profit organizations that thrive not on margin or sales but on metrics of how many people sign up for the cards. So go for it!

9. For the Whiskey Lover

Whiskey Soaps are exquisite soap bars that smell as though they just came out of the barrel. Spices, woods, and a hint of smoked sweetness help to balance all that out. Spice, caramel, mahogany, cedar, and general goodness pervade the scent. If you give this soap to your father, he’ll want to drink a single glass of your favorite whiskey right immediately.

10. For the Beard Fanatic

If your father enjoys tinkering with his beard, a trimmer is probably the best option. Trimmers come with a knob to alter the length of your beard, making them ideal for stubble or varied beard styles. They are simple to use: With 20 lock-in length options, 0.5 – 10mm with 0.5mm precision, it may be used both corded and wireless. They’re also skin-friendly, featuring rounded edge blades that don’t heat up or cut the skin.

11. For the Camping/Hiking Dad

USB Chargeable Flashlights are useful for traveling, camping, hiking, and even working. The bright utilization offers a long-reaching throw, as well as a larger capacity for longer battery life. It is convenient, simple, and has long-term rechargeability.

It does not require AA batteries because it is USB chargeable. Rechargeable flashlights are also designed with easy-to-use features. Even if your father isn’t tech adept, this is a fantastic gift.

12. For the Cinephile Dad 

A movie poster or a souvenir of his favorite character, a dialogue that he lives by, or a scene that never gets old for him, would cherish his day.


These gift suggestions are more pragmatic (dad’s communication style, if you will), but they will be even more poignant if they come from his beloved son or daughter (a.k.a. you)

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