12 Handbag Essentials for Moms

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Handbag Essentials

Are you a working mom or a regular mom? Well, it is a tough job being a mother, and we salute you for taking that step! 

When you are a mother, you are responsible for carrying not just all the things that your kids need, but also the things that they might need!

All kinds of moms require these essential items mentioned below:

  1. Wipes: Even if they’re simply those small Wet-Nap packets grabbed from a restaurant, wipes have utility even when your kids are older. You never know when an eyeliner smudge or a toothpaste crust may appear and when the kids get their hands all sticky. So, wipes are always a must-have.
  1. Tissues: There’s nothing better for catching a runny nose, wiping up a minor accident, or collecting all the discarded gum and “yucky” food your child spits out than a tissue. Either that or wear your sleeve.
  1. Hand sanitizer: Everything in public that your children touch is filthy, like those carts, strollers, lift buttons, dirty bleachers, etc. Since no one has time for a stomach flu pandemic, reach for your purse-sized bottle of hand sanitizer.
  1. Lotion: Using all that sanitizer may end up making your perfectly groomed hands dry. So, the lotion is a necessity. It may also be used to tame stray hairs, heal chapped noses and cheeks, and eliminate static. If your lip balm goes missing, you can apply it to your dry lips. 
  1. Hair ties: It is one of the most restocked items, and if you have young girls, you will never find out where they lose all their hair ties.
  1. Snacks: Sometimes, you need one of your kid’s favorite snacks to eat handy in your bag for when they are starving, and you cannot find a healthy restaurant nearby or when you are stuck somewhere.
  1. Water: As soon as you get out of the house, you realize how badly you need to drink water when it was readily available at home, but you didn’t need it then. So, it was always advisable to keep a small bottle handy in your bag.
  1. Feminine Products: There is nothing quite like needing a feminine product and not having one whenever you are out somewhere and really in need of one. Keep a few tampons, a liner, an extra cup, or anything you always need in your handbag.
  1. Bandages: Children are clumsy, and you never know when you’ll have to treat a cut or scratch. They also believe they need a Band-Aid for everything, so it’s a good idea to keep some in your handbag just in case. And it is a great item to have handy when all those blisters appear because of those tight shoes.
  1. Pain Relief: That’s the thing about kids, all they like to do is play games, and in those games, they do get hurt sometimes, well most of the time, and many everyday tasks are hampered by such pain, so one of the ways to treat this acute pain is to lessen pain’s impact with pain relief products since you don’t know when one of your kids comes back to you with a sprained ankle.
  1. Benadryl cream: For all the mosquito bites, random itchiness, or when your kids go around and get stung by a bee. It works wonders.
  1. Sunscreen: It is recommended to always carry sunscreen with you to protect your and your children’s skin from those damaging UV rays since you never really know how hot it might get when you are watching your kids play baseball.

We hope you found the above article helpful and informative for all your Mom needs!

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