14 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers & Likes in 2022

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Instagram Followers

Ready to get your Instagram following ramped up? This guide shows you how in a couple of steps.

Instagram followers are more than just numbers or likes. They are important members of your online community. Promoting your brand or increasing your followers on Instagram requires various seemingly simple steps. But don’t be fooled, winning people’s followership requires a lot of work.

But let’s look at the bright side. Once you grow your Instagram likes and following, you’ll likely be able to get more traffic to your website. This also means you’ll be making more sales. And if your goal is to transform yourself into an influencer, more likes and followers will bring your dream to reality.

The point is, no matter how tasking it would be to rake in those following, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

This article will explore 14 ways to get you more Instagram followers and likes without using bots or spam accounts.

So without any distractions, let?s dive right in.

How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes on Instagram in 2022

If you want to get more Instagram followers and likes this year, you can call upon any of these 14 strategies and use them on your account:

Make Your Profile and Bio Effective

Having a well-structured Instagram feed and a solid profile is the best way to make a long-lasting first impression and obviously the best service for Buying Instagram Followers. Your profile should clearly show your niche and help followers to understand what your account is all about. This is essential for transforming your profile visitors into followers.

Use the 150 characters permitted in your bio to introduce new visitors to your brand. Also, consider how your posts look and what impression they give when someone opens up your profile for the first time.

After seeing your profile, will visitors  want to stick around so much that they’ll give you a follow? Will they appreciate your content enough to like it? Or does your profile make people feel indifferent about doing either? If you answer yes to the first two questions, you?re on the right track.

Use Instagram Reels

If you?re not using Instagram Reels yet, you’ve  probably been missing out on a big opportunity to grow your likes and follower count.

Instagram Reels, the reigning video feature on the platform, is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to users on the app. When watching reels, users often get useful content from both those they follow and those they don’t follow.

This means your Reels can  go beyond your follower list ? helping your media visibility, increasing your likes, and growing your follower count. 

To get the best results from Instagram Reels;

  • Use keywords and hashtags in your captions explaining your video content.
  • Use trending music.
  • Keep your Reels short and informative to encourage multiple views.
  • Create original content.
  • Add on-screen text for viewers watching with no sound.
  • Use high-quality video footage and avoid uploading content with watermarks.
  • Don?t be shy to experiment with popular trends.

Create a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

An excellent social media strategy is key to getting more likes and followers on Instagram. Social media marketing covers everything from achieving business goals to improving brand awareness, boosting sales, or driving traffic to your website.

Knowing the kind of followers you want on your account is the first step to marketing. This way, you can always target the specific people who need your content and who will likely buy your products. You will also need to post relevant content regularly and interact with your followers.

Understand Your Instagram Audience

Without a good idea of the niche of followers you target, you?ll probably toil in vain. If you?re a famous football star or celebrity, you will need to focus on a specific audience to maximize your chances of increasing your following.

Target audiences are usually defined by factors like age, interests, location, occupation, lifestyle, and how they use Instagram. They share similar issues and preferences, and your content should answer these concerns and engage them.

Optimize Your Instagram Post Captions

Optimizing your Instagram posts for easy visibility is an excellent Instagram hack for growing your following and likes.

After the latest updates from Instagram, English-speaking users in various countries are now capable of searching Instagram with keywords. The algorithm considers several factors like the type of content or captions, time of post, and other factors when trying to push your posts out.

Make sure your caption and your posts go well together. Also, infuse a lot of value in your caption as this can spur readers to double tap. Well-written captions will also  make it easier to access your content with relevant and relatable keywords

Use Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are often undervalued, but they are one of the essential tools for driving  growth. Tags can take your post to those who don’t even follow you. And if your content is impressive enough, you may get  a follow from those who view your post.

However, it would help if you were careful when selecting hashtags, as only the relevant ones will increase your likes and follower count. Avoid gimmicks like #followme, #likeforlike, etc., as these only attract bots or people who only follow for a follow back.

Leverage Your Other Social Media Profiles

This is a quick hack for growing your Instagram likes and following. Promoting your account on other platforms can boost your followership fast. Followers from Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms are potential users you can easily convert to Instagram followers.

Provide a link to your Instagram account on your other social media profiles while giving your current followers a reason to check it out. You may want to offer coupon codes or plan an Instagram giveaway to draw more people in.

Embed Instagram Posts In Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog or website featuring photos or infographics, try placing some of your Instagram content in your articles. A clickable link creates an interactive user experience, which encourages traffic and draws potential followers to your account.

Host an Instagram Giveaway

To grow your following and likes rapidly, hosting an Instagram giveaway is a sure way to go. Hosting giveaways come with many benefits.

With the right content and incentive, you can reach thousands or even millions of potential new followers while increasing your likes and creating a strong base around your brand.

Maximize your giveaway opportunity by setting clear entry requirements that furthers your following goals. For example, encourage people to tag a friend in the comments, share your post on their Instagram Stories, and like your content.

Instagram giveaways are particularly effective when hosted with an influencer that shares your target audience.

Collaborate with Influencers and Brands

Partnerships with like-minded influencers and creators can only benefit your likes and following. The brand association will help you access a new community of potential followers.

Most collaborations don?t require much money, and most are simple and mutually beneficial.

Also, you don?t have to work with mega influencers. Micro-influencers sometimes have more engagement rates than macro-influencers. They can steadily grow your follower count and provide more engagement for your account.

Create Shareable Content

When it comes to the basics of growing your Instagram account and reaching new audiences, creating share-worthy content is at the top of the list.

Inspirational quotes and trendy memes are great methods of increasing your following, and they only take one great post to reach thousands of people.

Memes, in particular, are excellent for generating viral reach because they usually tap into trends in popular culture. They?re often engaging and funny while featuring a combination of text and imagery.

Make Your Content Accessible

It would be best to include subtitles or text overlays to Instagram video content like Stories and Reels. You can also write descriptive alt text for your Instagram posts and verbalize visual details during stories and videos.

For your Instagram hashtags, capitalize every word as it helps screen-readers to read them aloud easily.

Post More Consistently

When it comes to growing followers and likes on Instagram, consistency is fundamental.

Accounts that post more consistently typically have more followers than accounts that post less. However, they don?t post for posting?s sake. Instead, they put out quality content that drives real value for their audience.

Enhancing your Instagram engagement in 2022 can also be facilitated by tools like video to caption AI. You can easily transform your video content into captioned gems with the help of services like video to caption AI without the need for a hard sell.

Add Keywords to Your Bio?s Name Field

The words you add in the Name Field of your Instagram bio are searchable. Most users fail to realize this, and they miss major exposure opportunities.

You should add keywords to your bio. For instance, if you focus on custom dress designs, you may want to include keywords like ?Fashion? or ?Design? in your Name Field.

Using relevant keywords as part of your name, will help you gain more successful searches. You have up to 30 characters to use, so don?t hesitate to add a keyword into your name field.

Bottom Line

Growing your Instagram account can seem like a major challenge, but you can easily get more Instagram followers if you follow the right methods and strategies.

It?s a combined process of using Instagram?s new features and trends and posting original and creative content while targeting the right audiences. Good audience research and high-quality content will help you build a great following and give you a steady stream of likes.

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