15 Incredible Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

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Tattoos have been seen in all cultures around the world, the fancy ones have only become popular now. Many people get a tattoo but after a while get bored of it, after all, it is permanent. This is why tattoo cover-up ideas have become a common sight.  It is difficult to erase a permanent tattoo but that doesn’t mean you can’t cover it up! Many brilliant tattoo artists around the world have wonderful tattoo cover-up ideas. 

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Tattoos always tell a story or emotions. The unique thing about tattoos is that they can show a happy story or even trigger a bad episode. This is when many people opt for cover-up tattoo ideas. One of the popular ideas is cover-up tattoo ideas for names. Yes! This is the most common one as people get the names of their partners tattooed and then fall out of love. It is sad to watch people fall out of love but an absolute delight to see creative tattoos cover up ideas that artists can conjure up. 

You can’t do much with a tattoo that you don’t like or a tattoo that has lost meaning for you. You can either keep it and suffer, get it removed with laser treatment, or cover it up. Laser tattoo removal is an expensive affair and also time-consuming, that is why many people do not prefer doing it. Your best option is to cover it up with another meaningful tattoo. You will be amazed at how well tattoo cover-up ideas work. 

You are probably here because of your tattoo that you no more like or it no longer holds the same meaning it had when you got it. Worry not, if you are thinking of tattoo cover ideas, you are on the right path. It is the best option to save yourself from going through a tough time. It will not only help you cover up the old tattoo but also it will give you a new tattoo to flaunt. There are multiple tattoo cover-up ideas out there but to take some stress off we have collated a list of 15 incredible tattoo cover-up ideas for you. These include arm, shoulder, spine, chest, wrist, hand, leg cover-up tattoo ideas and many more. 

Here are the Best Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Tattoo Name Cover Up Ideas

Tattooed your best friend’s name on your arm and the friendship went awry? Many have been there but worry not there are many tattoo cover-up ideas that you can use to tattoo over the name and create something even better. Here are some ideas:

1. Colorful Feather 

You can cover up a name tattoo with a colorful feather that will camouflage the original tattoo and make it more bright. It works well as a tattoo name cover idea because of the colors as it hides the name completely. 

2. Abstract Tattoo 

Creating an abstract yet colorful tattoo over an old one is a fun tattoo cover-up idea. Abstract watercolor strokes and drops can cover up a name easily. 

3. Flowers along with leaves cover up idea 

If you are worried about getting a big cover-up for your existing tattoo, check this idea. Flowers along with leaves are great for people who do not want a big and bold design. It is dainty and can easily cover up a name tattoo. 

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Tribal tattoos are quite interesting and bold but sometimes you grow over it and need new tribal tattoo cover-up ideas for it. Tribal tattoos are usually too dark and big but worry not, there are also cover-up ideas that can work over a tribal tattoo. Take a look at some of the ideas:

1. Prehistoric Skull Idea 

One can use this idea of a prehistoric skull to hide any tribal tattoo as it will cover the whole area of the tattoo. It looks beautiful and unique. 

2. Adding Colors and Depth 

There are various tribal tattoos that look like symbols and shapes. These shapes and symbols can be simply enhanced with color, shading, and adding depth. A good tattoo artist can save a tribal tattoo by tweaking it a little rather than creating another tattoo over it.

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3. Portrait of an Animal 

Another cool idea to cover up a tribal tattoo is to create a portrait of an animal. As the image of an animal will have details like fur which when shaded well will allow to cover up the previous tattoo completely. 

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas for Females

Tattoo cover-up ideas usually tend to use bigger, darker, and bolder designs that may not be appealing for some females. Here are a few cover-up tattoo ideas for females that work well. 

 1. Wing Tattoo 

Give girls wings and see them fly away. Wings are a popular choice for tattoo cover-up ideas for females. As they are delicate and give enough room for hiding a previous tattoo.

2. Flower Enhancement Tattoo 

Flowers work really well as a cover-up idea but instead of covering up the whole tattoo, you can try to incorporate it with the old tattoo and create something new. 

3. Add Color 

Some tattoos only need a splash of color to make it look like a new tattoo. Talented artists know how to work with color and make an old tattoo look brand new. 

Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Arm tattoo cover ideas are plenty but the one that is perfect for you depends on how big or small your tattoo is. Generally, arm tattoos come in three sizes, small, medium, and the whole sleeve. Take a look at some of the tattoo cover-up ideas that are worth considering. 

1. Grim Reaper Tattoo 

This is a large and prominent tattoo that is used to cover up a big tattoo. The tattoo is of Grim Reaper that can hide any trace of the old tattoo. It will surely get people asking you about it. It is also one of the coolest cover-up tattoo ideas for men. 

2. Colorful Flower Tattoo 

This idea works well for arm tattoo cover-ups as it can hide the previous tattoo with the use of vibrant colors. Arms are on display more than any part of our body so might as well decorate it with pretty flowers. 

3. Narwhal Tattoo 

This Narwhal tattoo as an arm tattoo cover-up is unique and divine. It can cover up a large arm tattoo without anyone realizing it. These adorable beings as a tattoo bring out a cute factor in the design.

Wrist Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Cover-up tattoo ideas on the wrist are quite common and require a good tattoo artist. As the wrist is an exposed body part, the tattoo has to look decent. There is little room for error when it comes to wrist tattoo cover-up ideas. 

1. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are a good choice as tattoo cover up ideas. They are small and dainty that makes them a popular choice for the wrist. Some artists will use it to enhance the previous design and transform it. 

2. Dagger Covered in Flowers Tattoo 

This design can cover a large wrist tattoo that you no longer enjoy. It has a lot of shading going on that can easily cover up the old tattoo, leaving no trace behind. There is something mysterious about daggers and flowers together. 

3. Flower And Butterfly Combination 

Flower and butterfly combination tattoos will hide any previous tattoo. It has so many colors and depth that it is great as a wrist tattoo cover-up. There is no chance to find out what sits behind this beautiful tattoo cover-up. 

Small Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Small tattoo cover-up ideas are not easy to execute as they are restrictive and require attention to detail. Here are some ideas that can be experimented with. 

1. Rose Bud Tattoo

A small rosebud is perfect to cover up a small tattoo anywhere. It looks pretty and hides old tattoos well. The vibrant colors can enhance this tattoo cover-up idea. 

2. Lettering Tattoo

Sometimes small tattoos have lettering that you don’t like anymore. You can get a tattoo artist who specializes in lettering and change the original lettering with the artist’s creativity. 

3. Realistic Heart Tattoo

Small tattoo designs can be covered up with a realistic-looking heart tattoo. It gives a new meaning to the old tattoo and adds warmth to it. 


There are plenty of tattoo cover-up ideas that you can consider if you are planning on getting one. Choose a good tattoo artist who has expertise in this field of tattoo cover-ups. These 15 incredible tattoos cover-up ideas work well to cover up past mistakes or simply add a breath of life to old designs. 

Tattoo cover-up ideas should be well-thought and aesthetic like the above-mentioned ideas. Test out these designs with semi-permanent colours or paints and see if it works for you. Tattoos are special and should be treated like that. Test out a lot of tattoo cover-up ideas before you narrow down on one. Do not worry, these tattoo cover-up ideas are tried and tested. 

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