15 Tips to Help Organize Your Kitchen

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How can you get started with restoring sanity to your kitchen? Here are 15 useful tips.

a) Tackling your Tupperware

Plastic containers and their lids are lifesavers when you need to pack last night’s dinner (or prepare a quick snack for the kids to carry to school). However, these containers can easily become an entangled mess, with mismatched lids and bottoms being shoved inside drawers. Here’s how you can get them organized.

  1. Plan for proper storage

Rather than stacking your containers inside drawers, consider separating tops from bottoms. Have each set in a dedicated basket that easily fits inside drawers or cabinets. In this way, everything remains within easy reach.

  1. Use labels to match lids and bottoms

To make everything easier to find, label matching tops and bottoms with similar names (using a label maker). Use a naming system that’s easy to figure out even when you’re rushing to work on a Monday morning.

b) Tips for Organizing Spices

As you continue to explore new recipes, your collection of spices will grow. It can be challenging to keep a large collection of spices well organized, so here are some useful tips.

3. Make use of spice jars

The original packaging that spices use can be cumbersome to handle. Transfer your important spices into standard canisters. You can then stack these in one part of your kitchen (using proper labeling of course).

4. Re-organize your drawers

Ditch the cabinet and place your spices in a dedicated drawer. Place the labels on top of your spice jars so they’re easier to find. You can also experiment with color codes to make your drawers even prettier.

5. Magnets are your best friend

Running out of cabinet/drawer space? Bring the magnets out! Install magnets at the back of your spice jars and hang them on a magnetized surface. Create pretty labels to make the spices attractive.

c) Getting Pots and Pans under control

Next are your pots and pans. These are among the hardest to organize, as they’re often too large and cumbersome to place in most cabinets and drawers. But don’t be discouraged, here’s how you can handle them. 

  1. Install some rails

Rails come in handy, especially if you have limited cabinet space. Install rails on dedicated walls, and place s-hooks to keep the pots and pans in place.

  1. Hang them!

A pegboard can also be used to hang your pots and pans. Install it on your kitchen backsplash to create a clean, uniform look.

  1. Under the cabinet

Some cabinets are specially designed to handle pots and pans. They often easily fit underneath your countertops or other similar surfaces. Make sure the cabinets have spaces to hold your items firmly in place.

d) What about your lids?

9. Use a lid rack

Lid racks come in handy for holding all your lids in one place. Hang the lid rack inside cabinet spaces or next to cupboards. Just make sure all lids are within easy reach.

  1. Place them on doors

Doors can also provide a clever space for your lids. If you have a spare door (such as a door leading to your pantry), attach some towel rods and hang your lids in one place.

e) Cutting boards

We all know the challenge with cutting boards. They end up being stuck under heavy pots and pans, making them harder to access. To keep your cutting boards organized:

  1. Use tension rods for cutting boards

Tension rods keep your cutting boards upright and within easy reach. Install a few tension rods within a dedicated cabinet space for your cutting boards.

  1. Explore the basket design

You can also add style to your cutting board storage by using a pretty basket. Select a matching theme for the basket and your boards, and store them on easily accessible surface.

  1. Use your file baskets

Office supplies also double up as excellent storage options. For example, you can pull out a file basket and use it to store your cutting boards. The dedicated slots within each file basket serve as perfect holding spaces for kitchenware.

f) Organizing your knives

With knives, safety and accessibility is a top concern. You can achieve both in the following ways.

  1. Hang them on your back splash

Your back splashes come in handy for storing knives. They’re easily accessible, yet positioned such that accidents can be held to a minimum.

To hold the knives in place, consider installing a magnetized surface (such as a wooden strip) on the backsplash.

  1. Use a dedicated knives drawer

Sometimes, it’s safer to place all your knives in a dedicated drawer. Just make sure they’re well organized in distinct compartments. Holders for knives may be useful, but you can also install wooden blocks as dividers for placing each knife.

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