3 Absolutely Must-Have Experiences In San Diego

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Harbor Island and Shelter Island in San Diego, California, may not be among the most seasoned islands along the Golden Coast. Though brief, they have a rich history. Both of these Islands have their origins rooted deep in Patriotism. 

After creating Shelter Island in 1961, The US Navy used the residue left after digging berths to build Harbor Island, big enough to accommodate aircraft carriers. Harbor Island is technically a peninsular opposite to an airport. The shores bayside is marred with gardens and spots offering panoramic views of San Diego’s skyline. 

San Diego is an array of touristy offerings. From a chilled-out bohemian vibe to an urban hustle-bustle, tourists of various orientations can find their refuge and tribe here. However, if you were to grasp the true essence of the place, you will have to experience its uniqueness, things that are peculiar to San Diego.

Here are the three places which will imprint San Diego on your psyche for a lifetime:-

USS Midway Museum

The flagship aircraft carrier of the US Navy from 1945 to 1991, last participated in the First Gulf War, stands tall looking up to the high rises of San Diego. The deck is flocked with two dozen restored aircraft, including F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom jet fighter. You can also visit the primary flight control, the carrier’s one-of-a-kind control room. 

There are combat flight simulators to give you a feel of what fighters pilot go through when in the middle of air rage. 

San Diego Zoo

This is one of the country’s most-hyped zoos, and rightly so. It boasts of more than 3000 animals spread across 650 species dotted over a beautifully manicured garden. All species have been positioned in the areas which simulate their natural habitats. 

Arrive early; most of the animals frolic around in the morning. Don’t forget to get the map at the entrance to avoid chaos. 

The park is divided into geographical and ecological zones. The 7.5 acres Elephant Odyssey is one of the many bioclimatic zones. The Africa Rocks area boasts of penguins, baboons, and stealthy leopards, which grace its bushes. The largest population of koalas outside of Australia dots the back trail. 

Get up close and personal with polar bears along the northern boundary, and behold the sight of hippos recreating in the water on Hippo Trail.

Watersport activities at SD Adventures 

They say that to grasp the true essence of the golden coast. One needs to swoosh through waters on a jet ski. There is something different about jetskiing; the adrenaline rush you get when you throttle, the fierce and agile handling of the machine lets you somersault the waves, the thumping of your heart, jetskiing is a different kind of adventure. 

However, choosing the right kind of jetskiing experience may not be a piece of cake. SD Adventures offers an array of watersport activities like Kayaks, Bay liner speed boats, paddle boats, and jet skis.

You could book your Personal Water Craft online and enjoy the waters of San Diego cruising on the machine of your choice. 

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