3 Best Ways Your Child Can Learn Rhyming

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Rhyming is the best way to figure out how easily your kiddo can learn reading because skilled children quickly notice that rhyming phrases or words have shared alphabet cycles. These are like all, ball, tall, small, etc, thus giving your bundle of joy the enthusiasm to learn reading. 

Usually, children love hearing and partaking in rhyming classes at childcare centers, and once they’re exposed to the process, they learn to read and pick up this skill fast. Then, if you are not that good at rhyming, fret not. Here are the three best ways to do so: 

1. Try names in rhyming activities 

As each kid knows their name feels proud of the same, including their first names into rhyming games or classes is a normal and pleasing activity. These classes are fun for your children because many names may have an actual alphabet rhyming with them and therefore, kids will have fun making a childish rhyme. For instance, every kid can rehearse something like this, “My first name is Blake and my friend is Jake.” 

Your kid can also rhyme his or her name with food names like, “I hate beet, but I love to eat meat.” This way, kids learn to rhyme and read – a fun-filled activity at any childcare center. 

2. Repetitive poems 

Pick rhyming poetry or for that matter, any nursery rhyme that suits a topic in a class, where kids are already learning. Teachers ask kids to focus on this poem all through the week to give children some practical experience in rhyming. When teachers at childcare Auckland read this poetry to kids, they overstress the rhyming syllables as well as the sounds of the poem. Next, the kids can go over the poetry repeatedly. 

Once this activity is repeated, the kid’s recollection of the rhyming poem improves and they start to learn and fill in the rhyming word at the close of each line. Kids every so often like the choral recital of poetry in which the childcare center class changes the speech volume, like reciting the poetry in a usual tone, however, the rhyming words loudly. Your kiddo can also demonstrate the rhyme and learn writing the pairing words, based on his or her writing ability.

3. Rhyming photo cards 

Labeled photos of phrases or words that rhyme could be printed, designed by kids or childcare teachers, or bought. Then, these picture cards are used for playing rhyming games that kids love. Your child can arrange words that rhyme into heaps or for that matter, play games that call for rhyme matching, such as Go Fish or Memory. 

One more addition of the rhyming photo cards is called rhyming bingo. Rhyming picture cards or games are fun and help your kid learn to rhyme easily and effectively. You can research online about different rhyming picture card games and choose the best one for your kiddo. 


Learning to rhyme is an essential pre-reading ability that your child can learn and reap the benefits later. Parents and teachers should help kids to master this skill at home and childcare centers. 

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