3 Common Foods You’ve Been Cooking Wrong

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3 Common Foods Youve Been Cooking WrongCooking can be both an art and a science. You’re combining foods with different chemicals, along with a proper temperature, to make them both edible and delicious. Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed “masters of the kitchen” are cooking some of the most simple foods the wrong way and they don’t even know it. You could be making some of your favorite dishes the wrong and not realizing how much better they could actually taste. Here are three common foods people cook wrong and how to cook them the right way.

Scrambled Eggs

It’s hard to believe that people cook scrambled eggs the wrong way. It’s one of the most common breakfast foods in the world. All you do is whisk some eggs together and push them around on a pan, so how can they possibly be cooked wrong? The main problem with the way people cook scrambled eggs is the temperature. Many people cook them on too high of a temperature and they dry out. Have you noticed your eggs become a golden brown color on any side? If they begin to brown at all, your eggs are burned.

You probably cook your eggs on medium-high, but they should never be cooked warmer than medium. As you cook them, stir them constantly with a spatula or a wooden spoon. They shouldn’t sit on the pan too long without being moved around. Before the eggs even go into the pan, milk should be added to make them fluffier. The amount of milk is strategic. People tend to add a splash of milk no matter how many eggs are being cooked. However, you should add one tablespoon of milk for each egg you are cooking. Whisk the eggs until you can’t see any separation between the yolks and eggs, then they can be poured into your pan.

Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts are another common food cooked in households around the globe. Chicken is universal; it can be used in many different dishes with many different types of foods. The breasts are also the white meat part of the chicken (along with the wings) and they dry out easily. Breasts are easily overcooked, and they become drier every second too long that they stay in the oven.

The problem with the way people cook chicken breasts is that they cook them on a low temperature to ensure that they’re fully cooked without burning the outside. You probably cook your chicken around 350 degrees for 45 minutes or so. You probably also need to add some type of gravy or sauce to make them edible. Dry chicken breasts are not the only way to eat them. You can also use an electric smoker to get the best flavors (check out these electric smoker reviews). They can be cooked to juicy perfection if you do it properly.

When you cook chicken breasts, you need to cook at a higher temperature. Put them in the over at about 450 degrees for 20 minutes. They won’t burn on the outside. The outside will be done exactly when the chicken on the inside isn’t pink anymore. As soon as it is hot enough for the juices to run clear, it’s juicy enough on the inside to drink it. Of course, if it dries out, you can always add some delicious Hampton Creek mayonnaise to it to make it moist again.


Spaghetti is another food that people eat all of the time. The mistakes are common and simple to correct. There are two things that always happen when people make spaghetti. The first thing is that they make way too much of it, and the second thing is that they wind up with some of the spaghetti noodles sticking together.

It’s hard to gauge how much spaghetti you need to make when the noodles are uncooked. How do you fix the issue and make enough for everyone without making enough for the US Army? All you need is a spaghetti spoon. The spaghetti spoon is the spoon with the slats around it that allow the spaghetti to hang onto it without slipping off. The spaghetti spoon has a hole in the center, and it’s a mystery to most people why it’s there. The hole is the exact serving size for one serving of spaghetti. Grab a handful of raw spaghetti and stick it through the hole, that is what you should make for each person that you’re cooking for.

The next issue is the spaghetti sticking together. This is also an easy fix. The starch in the noodles causes it to stick together as it cooks. Add one or two tablespoons of vegetable oil to your boiling water to keep it from sticking together.

Cooking properly is important so you can please your family and improve your confidence. Implement these tips if you have been cooking these foods wrong, and you will see how delicious they taste.

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