3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Income Right Now

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Taking care of your finances and your family are the most important jobs in the world. But for some moms, having enough cash flow to manage both can be hard if you’re relying on one source of income. That’s why Tomedes’ article on how to make money in 2020 resonates so well.

Nonetheless, there are tons of ways to make extra income without having to juggle a second job as a busy mom. With a side hustle, you can earn money in your spare time and stop worrying about trying to make life happen on an empty wallet.

Whether you are a new parent looking for a way to supplement your income, or just looking to add a little more to your rainy day fund, here are some simple ways to add to your savings.

  1. Turn Your Hobby Into Your Side Business

Everyone’s got a hobby, or a passion they care about. Use the skills you’ve got and that activity you enjoy, to get paid as your own business.

Whether you’re an avid woodworker, an excellent photographer, or artist beyond compare, someone will pay for the skills you have and the work you do. You can set up shop for what you love to do!

Finding your niche will require some research. But once you nail down exactly what you do well, you’re set to get the proper qualifications to run your side hustle.

Remember most small businesses need be licensed to operate. Additionally, if you’re running a business that includes the sale of food, or any kind of contracting you should have a license that certifies your skills.

The initial investment into a license might seem like too much to deal with, but it’s simply a way to prove you’re qualified, and that your customers can trust you. You’ll attract more clientele in the long run!

  1. Sell That Junk Cluttering Up Your Home

In every household there’s bound to be unnecessaru clutter that’s just taking up space. It’s not that our personal belongings aren’t precious, but sometimes our priorities change and we need to get rid of things we no longer use.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So clear out your house and make someone else happy by selling your stuff. Carefully select what you don’t need, evaluate it for quality and take to the Internet and local resources like billboards and community centers to sell, sell, sell!

Make sure you’re pricing your items at a fair rate, and targeting the right groups. Most neighborhoods and cities have local Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling secondhand objects. Staying local is an easy way to quickly move objects out of your house.

If you have an in demand item like a popular action figure, consider a website, group, or app, that targets a niche customer base so you can receive a wide range of offers from dedicated collectors.  

  1. Leverage Your Online Presence Into A Paycheck

Another option to consider is taking your existing social media presence and making a business opportunity out of it. Turning your internet presence into a marketable medium is a simple and easy way to make a little money on the side along with cash distribution. This is especially true if you’re already invested in creating an awesome feed of content online.

All you have to do is continue to create beautiful content that documents your life, and partner with companies to promote their products. Once you have enough followers you can do this through opportunities like affiliate links or general endorsements.

There are tons of online networks that can help you connect with brands searching for ambassadors. All you will have to do is to continue to document your life online with a business-mindset and dedication to getting results

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