3 Most Popular Types of Seafood in Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the well-reputed countries in South Asia, and it is famous for the Seafood and is getting the quickest reputation in this filed as compare to many other countries of the world. It is best known for seafood consumption and its selling across national and international boundaries. It is a famous country in the field of tourists and tourists are due to seafood publicity all over the world.  Seafood is sometimes considered as the outstanding food of Malaysia and is traditional as well.

If you are a person who is the first time going to Malaysia and are worried because of the food and how to retreat, then it’s all about you in this article. Most of the food eaten in the Seafood and some of this Seafood are given at https://www.oldmamaseafoodonline.com/ and even you can deliver online. There are several delicious dishes in Malaysia, but here are the tops and the best food dishes liked by Malaysian and all other peoples who are seafood lovers. However, you can get other foods as well if you do not want to eat these.

Three Most Popular Type’s Seafood to Eat in Malaysia

The following are the important and the fantastic types of Seafood to eat in Malaysia that every one of you must be tried if you are a seafood lover and do not have any side effects.

  1. Keropok Lekor

Keropok Lekor is one of the important and the best types of Seafood to be used in Malaysia. It is a type of dish prepared by using a fish and mixing it with flour by combining it in a specific proportion. It is the most famous and the traditional food of the Malaysian people to be served for the guests as well because of the reputation of the food everywhere in the world.

It is very delicious and is attractive to use when served with the chili made by the people of Malaysia. The food is just like the snack crack of fish of Malaysian people. It is made of fish, corn, flour, and salts to enhance the taste. It is the healthiest food as compared to many other kinds of Seafood, and it is the ultimate reason for using this Seafood as a delicious seafood dish.

  • Kari Ikan

Kari Ikan is another essential and top seafood to be used in Malaysia in a significant amount because of its delightful taste and the attractive aroma. It is made of fish and other content, which are mentioned in this section. The fish, which is Seafood, is cutter into the smallest pieces and is mixed with coconut milk, ginger, mustard seeds, turmeric, and lemongrass to enhance the taste and aroma.

All of the spices used to prepare the Kari Ikan are very common and readily available in the market. It is useful for the body and the mind because of the valuable ingredients used to make the dish. So, we recommend using this food if you had a chance to go to Malaysia or you are already working and living in this country.

  • Mollusks

All of the animals related to the phylum mollusk are eaten in Malaysia after preparing the delicious dishes from them. These include the squids, clams, snails, and octopus. These are well-reputed to eat not only in Malaysia but all over the world. All of the mollusks are mixed with the gorgeous spices and then prepared by steams, boilers, and frying these accordingly. Foreigners less like Seafood, but on the other hand, many persons are engaging in eating this type of Seafood.


Malaysia is a famous country, and one of the tops reasons for the publicity of Malaysia is the use of the Seafood used in Malaysia. It is the tops countries to be visited in the world, and the reason is the availability of the seas and the Seafood in these seas. All of the food mentioned i.e., Keropok Lekor, Kari Ikan, and Mollusk, are in use by the people of Malaysia. So, if you have a chance to visit this beloved country, then we recommend you to taste this Seafood according to your wish and the taste.

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