3 Organizational Tips for the Working Mom

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Are you a working mother with a schedule as long as your arm? Being a full-time mom is hard enough, and adding full-time work can feel like you’re constantly in overdrive. Even if you have a partner to share tasks and daily routines with, it isn’t easy to stay on top of things.

We’ve put together a short list of organizational tips that will help you stick to a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Read on to discover how to maintain balance with some helpful tools.

Use a Calendar for the Entire Family 

A simple method to stay on top of any schedule is to have everyone involved and on the same page. Having a family calendar is an effective way to ensure everyone’s schedules line up and that nothing is forgotten. The best thing about having a family calendar is that you’re no longer the sole person in charge of remembering events and appointments. Many families use a dry erase board and keep it in the kitchen. However, Google Calendar is easy and accessible if you use Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail account, consider getting the entire family to switch over. Google Calendar is incredibly easy to use and can sync to any of your mobile devices.

Any time someone has an event or an important reminder, they can add it to the family calendar. Everyone becomes accountable, and you’ll have the option to check what’s on for the day at any time, any place.

Consult an Online Shopping Guide

Whether it’s for the kids Halloween costumes, your partner’s camping trip, or for yourself, as a mom, shopping is generally not a leisurely experience. However, it’s something you do on the regular. You usually rush on your lunch break to find what you need, often forgetting to eat lunch entirely. You may know what you want, but you’re not sure where to go, and it ends up taking far longer than you intended.

Did you know there’s a website that makes it easier to plan shopping by providing you with information about the largest shopping malls in Canada — such as store hours, what’s inside, and locations? With a convenient online guide, you’ll never get lost in a mall again. Is it winter boots from Browns you’re looking for? Instead of scouring all the shopping centres for the perfect new pair, consult with an online guide by locating the nearest Browns in your city and their hours. It will make your life much simpler! 

Make Time for Yourself

You want to optimize your days to spend as much time with the family, but you also need to leave enough space for yourself. When you’re running around — working, picking up the kids — you might feel physically and mentally drained. Communicate with your partner about taking time off once in a while. Even one evening a week where you take a walk in the park or treat yourself to dinner will do wonders for your mental health.

Keeping a family calendar, consulting with an online shopping guide, and staying sane by taking a night off are small but effective ways to keep on top of things. You’ll feel much more organized when you make these items a part of your daily routine.

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