3 Reasons You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

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Do you want to build your own website but you’re not sure which host to choose?

Let’s face it; you’re a busy mom, and you don’t have time to research several web hosting services. You want to know which is the best so you can start building your business website.

That’s why we’re here to tell you that there are many website builders, but none of them compare to WordPress. It’s used by beginner website builders and massive-scale professional designers around the world. The Obama Foundation is a WordPress site.

As of 2017, nearly 60% of website designers use this host, and it continues to effortlessly create, edit, and organize content for many businesses. It is also incredibly easy to navigate and update, which is one of the main reasons WordPress is so popular. 

We recommend checking out this site on your own but start your research by reading our top three tips for using WordPress below.

1) It’s Free

If the word ‘free’ doesn’t persuade you, then we don’t know what will!

Unlike other website building sites, WordPress doesn’t cost you a penny. It is 100% free to install, download, and use because it is an Open Source Software. This means that volunteers from around the globe give up their free time to work on and improve the system, allowing software to be freely changed, used, shared, and accessed.

When you build your site, your domain name will have WordPress in the title. If you want to make your website look slightly more professional, you will have to pay. Alongside your chosen domain name, the only other thing you will need to pay for is your secure WordPress hosting

Other charges will apply for plugins, themes, and developer assistance, but that’s up to you whether you decide to use them. 

If you’re looking to build a website on the cheap, then WordPress is definitely for you!

2) You Can Choose Your Own Domain Name And Hosting Service

Because WordPress is totally free and allows you to manage your content openly, you have the freedom to purchase any hosting, like Site5 for WordPress, and domain services you desire. 

Naturally, you want to have full control of your website. The different domain names and WordPress hosting products available on the market will not only give you the confidence of being 100% in control of your website, but they will also allow you to choose the service that is best for you. You should opt for Managed Cloud VPS Hosting service from a reliable provider only.

3) Join And Utilize A Worldwide Community

Because WordPress is an Open Source software, the site has experts and volunteers from around the world that are ready and waiting to help with any question, concern, or query you may have.

Not only is there real-life help on hand almost 24 hours a day, but there are also thousands of WordPress tutorials and instructions online should you ever need a helping hand with improvement tips or problems. 

There are also many lessons and forums available online that will help you throughout your WordPress journey. So, rather than sitting on a customer helpline all night, you can actually access lessons and tips whenever you feel like it.

Bottom Line

We believe these are three good reasons why WordPress is the best website host to use. Not only is WordPress one of the world’s best website hosting services with lots of different capabilities, but it also won’t break the bank.

So, are you ready to take on the next steps to building a first-class website? Set up your new website today with WordPress – we promise you, you won’t want any other host!



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