3 Smart Reasons to Choose to a Hybrid Heater

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Many people take heating their homes for granted, but for homeowners, choosing the wrong heating system can be a costly mistake. Most families think they are limited to deciding between a furnace or a heat pump, but there is now a third option. That option is called a hybrid heater, and it may very well be the best option for your family. 

Hybrid heaters give homeowners the choice of switching between a natural gas option and an electric option, potentially saving your household hundreds of dollars per year. Here are three more reasons that choosing a hybrid heater may be right for your family.

Hybrid Heaters Are Better for The Environment

Put simply, using electricity is better for the world around you than natural gas or other finite means of fuel. Some proof is found in the various government incentives for using hybrid or purely electric vehicles. Using a hybrid heater instead of one that only uses gas works the same way. It decreases your contribution to the climate change crisis that has plagued the planet over the past few decades and is threatening to make large portions of Earth inhabitable. 

Switching to an electric means of fuel, when appropriate, can limit the amount of pollution your home produces for long periods. This can truly contribute to leaving a more livable planet to your children as they grow older and face the same choices.

Hybrid Heaters Are More Efficient

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Did you know that certain temperatures dictate when natural gas and electricity are used most efficiently? When the temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees, electric means of heating produces the most for your money. When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, natural gas produces at peak efficiency. With hybrid heaters, you have the best of both worlds! Most hybrid heaters have a temperature sensor that switches from electrical fuel to natural gas. This ensures your house stays at the right comfort level without worrying about your heating bill going through the roof. 

No Need to Waste Oil

There will be times during the year where freezing temperatures force you to use oil to heat your home. However, unless you live in an extremely cold climate, those times will only be for a few months during the winter. Using a hybrid heater allows you to save that oil for when you need it most and not waste it on the early spring months where the temperature rarely dips below 40 degrees. Doing this can save ample money in the long term and prevent unnecessary calls to refill your oil tank.

Hybrid heaters are indeed relatively new, but it doesn’t mean they are complicated to install and repair or dangerous to have in your home. These heaters were invented for the purpose of families like yours, saving money and being better to the environment. Choosing the correct heater can be one of the most important decisions your family can make. Hybrid heaters may very well be the best decision for your family.

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