3 Things You Should Check Before Hiring A Roofer

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If you are looking to get the Richmond VA best roofer, then be ready to invest enough time to do proper research. This is important to help you land the one that best suits your needs. Hiring a roofer is one of the most essential parts of construction. This is because just like all the parts that join to complete a house, the roof is equally important.

This process could be daunting and if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, it could be daunting. Here are some of the things you should be looking for; 


Experience is everything you want to look for in your search. No matter how many certificates a roofer has, without experience, it is almost not as good. Learn how long they have been in the industry, the type of roofing materials they have experience with, and check out some of their past projects. 


Another thing you are looking for is the quality of the roofing contractor. Just like how you check the experience, you want to make sure they will deliver purely high quality work. A lot of factors indicate a high quality contractor; their experience, past projects, knowledge of the roofing materials and work as whole, among others.


If it is your first time building or dealing with building contractors, you are most definitely looking for an advisor. You could have all the ideas or have done all the research regarding roofing and roofing material. But a professional’s advice goes a long way.

Great Communication Skills And Customer Service

Just like in any other business, you want to pay attention to how you are being handled in their office. This includes how friendly the staff are, their language and choice of words while communicating to their clients (read you), and just about how they deal with different clients’ requirements.  


This is the general ability to communicate with you, talk about your requirements, advise you, ask and answer your questions, and simply communicating and handling you in the most convenient and professional way. They have to show general interest in your project.

Top 3 Things To Ask About

Now that you have in mind the important thing you are looking for and the type of contractor you want to work with, that’s not all, here are some of the things the contractors should have;

Portfolio/ References, or Reviews

A contractor could have all the qualities you desire to work with, but that are not enough. To be sure of a great job, ask to see their past jobs. That’s how you know what they really can do. Visit some homes they have installed roofs for, check out their portfolio page on their website, and read reviews to see what other customers are saying.

Licenses And Insurances

This is an essential and a must have to any roofing contractor. Make sure the registration is valid and that the company is allowed to operate. In some estates, constructions need an additional permit to be carried out. If it is needed in your state, make sure they get it.

Insurances go for their workers. Ask about the particular staff that will install your roof and make sure they have valid insurances. In case of accidents at your site, you don’t want to suffer and incur additional liabilities. Proper insurances will save you from that.

The Contract

The contract is basically a document with all the details about the installation. This includes the date the project starts and when it ends. It also includes the warranties offered, all the cost, as well as the terms and conditions during the entire project. Make sure everything is in writing, study it properly and make sure you agree with it.

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