3 Things You Will Enjoy Doing in Phoenix During the Winter

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Phoenix is a beautiful place to explore. Tourists from all around the world flock to this city in Arizona to enjoy their holidays. And while it may not be as glamorous as Vegas, or as luxurious as California or New York, it is still a wonderful place to visit. 

Summers in Phoenix are usually dry. On a clear bright and sunny day, temperatures can go as high as 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Rarely, it can go above 112 degrees. On colder days, temperatures go as low as 37 degrees, while usually maintaining something around 45 degrees during winter. For visiting the city during beach time, late May to early July is perfect. However, you should visit Phoenix during the winter as it is arguably the best time to be in this city.

3 Things You Will Enjoy Doing in Phoenix During the Winter

The weather in Phoenix during winter is very comfortable. The mild temperatures and cooler conditions make it possible for people to enjoy themselves to their fullest. Again, it is not freezing cold, but just enough to make you feel relaxed. Besides, there are certain things and places in Phoenix that you can only enjoy properly during the winter. Let us take a look at a few of those things and places that you might want to explore when you visit Phoenix.

#1 Check Out the Japanese Friendship Garden

This traditional Japanese garden is located at the heart of the city. It has all the elements you need for a calm and relaxing afternoon or a soothing evening walk. There are lush green plants all over the garden, and beautiful flowers coloring the surroundings with bright colors. 

To top things off, there is a stunning artificial waterfall which, although very small in size, still fills the place with serenity. The whole garden is styled just like the ones you will find in Japan. Hence, you can rest assured that the design of the place is authentic.

Visiting the garden in winter helps people calm themselves down even better. With the hot weather out of the way, you can enjoy yourselves without breaking a sweat as you explore every inch of this beautiful Japanese garden.

#2 Go On a Road Trip to Sedona

One of the many popular tourist attractions in Phoenix is the town of Sedona, especially its red-rock buttes and canyons. These buttes are nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. People visit Sedona to check out these beautiful rocks and take a road trip around the town. 

Ideally, summer is the preferred time to visit, since the sunlight helps elevate the way these rocks look. However, you might want to avoid a summer trip. Given it is the ideal time to visit, many tourists flock to Sedona at once. You might have trouble finding a hotel. Besides, it is practically like a desert, and you will feel quite uncomfortable during the trip, especially when you start sweating.

Hence, visit during the winter. It is a lot cooler then, and visiting sometime around noon will allow you to see the place at its brightest.

#3 Stick Around for New Year’s Eve

Since you will be going in winter, you can surely check out the events in Phoenix set for New Year’s eve. Like the many annual events and celebrations it holds, Phoenix is also known for its themed parties during New Year. 

There are masquerade balls, concerts, live performances, fancy galas, and a lot of other events happening during this time of the year. In most cases, US residents do not find these to be alluring. However, foreigners love these celebrations, and they love it, even more, when they get to be a part of them.

During New Year’s eve, you can expect lots of beer at the parties. The streets feel more lively with live music, lawn games, and food trucks. Everyone is in casual wear, and just having a good time. And the best part is, nothing will stop you from joining the locals for a bit of fun. 

Things get even better if a popular band or musician is performing at any of the nearby locations. And that is the magic of Phoenix. You will go in with certain expectations and will be delighted to get more than what you wished for.

In case all these seem exciting to you, you better hold onto your hats. There is a lot more that Phoenix has to offer, both in terms of places, as well as amusement. All you need to do is visit the city during winter, and let yourselves loose.

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