3 Tips for Hikers Just Starting Out

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Hiking can be defined as the activity of going for long walks and in rural settings as opposed to urban ones. It has become a popular pursuit to enjoy the countryside by walking across it and exploring the sights, sounds, and fresher smells it mostly has to offer. There is nothing like breathing in healthy pollution-free air and exercising at the same time.

For those new to hiking, having perhaps spent most of their time previously driving a vehicle or catching a bus or train and walking hardly any distance, this article will advise on a few tips to consider. You will now be able to find out all about hiking from this article and by following the link.

Let Someone Know

When you are going hiking, you should always let someone know your plans. This way, if you become lost, the person you told will know where to direct everyone to start looking for you. It is therefore important to know exactly how far you plan to hike in the first place and then not change your plans without telling anyone. You should have worked it out through studying online and using conventional maps so that you have your route confirmed beforehand. It is the responsible way to hike. You do not want to turn your hike into an all-out emergency rescue when it is purely your navigational skills that need improving.

Apart from letting someone know, hiking can also be done wiser with a companion. You will then have someone else for support should your encounter any difficulties. You will be safer together when in unfamiliar territory. If you desire to hike alone, you should stick to populated country routes and the times fellow hikers are likely to be around to ask for help. Hiking will allow us time to self-reflect, so doing it alone should not be ruled out. We just need to take extra care and consider everything more when not with others for support. Perhaps carrying a safety alarm and a means of contacting others quickly could provide the compromise.

Uses of a Mobile Device

Not only will a mobile phone have GPS incorporated via an app, to help navigate you in real-time, but it will also allow you to contact others in case of emergency. It does not have to be an emergency; it could be asking someone back at home for directions. 

Having access to the internet on your mobile phone will allow you to research the history of something that you come across during your hike. Perhaps some old ruins were not marked on the map because they did not seem significant to others. You can find out all about them without having to wait until you arrive back home.

Pack the Right Things

The final tip is to be sure to pack the right things for your hiking trip. You will want to pack light, but at the same time, have everything that you might need.

Packing extra food is a good idea because you may not come across anywhere to obtain any. This is likely if you go hiking in more remote locations. However, be aware that this is more advisable from a safety point of view when you are hiking with others and not going solo. So, pack enough for all of you. Having a companion will also mean you can spread the load that you are carrying.

It has become easier than ever to find out what the weather is going to be doing where you are planning to hike. However, do not rely solely on technology and pack some warm clothing in case the temperatures should plummet.

Because you will be walking over rough terrain, you should know the difference between walking boots and hiking boots. Hiking boots will usually be sturdier and more durable. They will more than likely be reinforced with additional padding and may incorporate metal bars in the soles. They are designed specifically for rougher weather and so will be more water-resistant or waterproof than shoes would be. You may want to pack some more comfortable shoes for when you arrive at a location.

To remain hydrated, you should drink plenty of water. You will need to carry this with you as it is unwise to drink from an outdoor source. Even a spring if you do not know the source of the water. This is because it may have become polluted and so make you sick or cause you harm. So, pack a water bottle or two. This is essential and your load will be lightened as you drink it.

So, a few things to consider here when hiking. Always let someone know where you are intending on hiking and try not to veer off course. Make use of technology for navigation and for contacting others in cases of emergency. Be sure to pack only what is going to be useful to save on weight but make packing additional clothing for warmth an important consideration. Also, pack plenty of water to keep you hydrated. You should know the source of the water that you are drinking. 

These tips will keep you safe and make your trip more pleasurable. Remember that hiking is always better with a companion, although going it alone can make it a time to reflect more.

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  1. hicking is an activity I’ve always admired but never got the courage for it lol. I just hope i someday get to put the strength together for it. But I think i am looking forward to going hicking in the nearest future after reading this article.

  2. What an inspiring article, this made me think a lot about how amazing it is to be a hiker and enjoy the nature

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