3 Ways Moms Can Protect Their Online Business

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Fortunately, we have more options than we ever have both as a stay-at-home mom and being able to work from home at the same time. Sure, it might seem challenging, but it’s also an addition to one’s life that can offer its own sense of fulfillment. However, in this modern day and age moms also face security risks they may or may not already be aware of.

What are these risks? What can be done to minimize them? Are there any specific things that need to be paid attention to closely? These are just a few of the questions that we’ll answer here today, and hopefully it gives you some insight into the safest way moms run their online businesses.

Ransomware Protection Can’t Be Overlooked

For those of you who don’t know what Ransomware is and why everyone should look to stop Ransomware, it is software designed to hijack either your computer, device, or website. This is done until a payment is made to release it, hence how it got its name by demanding ransom usually in the form of Bitcoin these days. What it’s doing is holding your data hostage in hopes that it will push you to the desired outcome which is sending the payment.

There are many ways to stop Ransomware and ensure your employees stay safe online at the same time. With the most popular being computer security software that has been tailored specifically to overcoming situations like this. There are also many other internal processes that can be implemented to make your online business even more secure, which can be found at this article on Small Biz Trends.

Obtain Insurance

You might not think an online business needs insurance, but think about the computers you use, if you use an office to meet people in, and the many other forms of liability moms have with their online business. If something gets stolen and not replaced, could it risk the future of your business?

By asking yourself that question, you’ll be able to uncover the true power of insurance within the world of business. Having insurance can ensure that any losses or liabilities are automatically covered so it doesn’t put you at risk personally or your business at a risk of decline. If you need to dig deeper into the insurance matter, Founding Moms did a great blog post covering it in exceptional detail.

Two-Step Verification: Enhanced Access Control for Your Online Accounts

This method is so secure, I’ve accidentally locked myself out of my account and used it to reclaim it. A simple way of explaining this method is that it uses a second form of communication (usually an authentication app or simply a text message to you) when you initially login to your account. It triggers second-step verification in which you will either click a button that pops up or enter a code provided.

Running a business online no longer has to be a risky venture for moms. The state of internet security is at its prime and continues to only grow in strength. Keep in mind there are many other precautions that can be taken, which is why we always tell our visitors to do their homework first. Are you ready to take your online business security to the next level like other moms already have? We’re standing by!

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