3 Ways to Drink Macha

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3 Ways to Drink Macha

Macha green tea is rich in flavor and history. It has been used for thousands of years and has recently become a popular choice for tea lovers and health enthusiasts. Matcha is a powdered version of green tea leaves, carefully processed by grinding green tea leaves for a richer flavor and loads of nutrients.

If you are looking for ways on how to drink matcha, you can check out these three simple forms of matcha green tea:

Traditional Macha Green Tea

You have to know the classic and traditional way of drinking matcha in the form of hot tea. There are steps that you need to do in order to create your own perfect cup of matcha green tea. You will need the traditional tools for making matcha: a ceramic bowl, a scoop, and a bamboo whisk.

Here are the steps:

  1. Heat some water. As it boils, allow it to cool to the right temperature before mixing your tea. 
  2. Warm your ceramic bowl by pouring in the warm water. Let it stand for a minute and then pour the water out.
  3. Get a scoop of matcha and sift it into the warmed ceramic bowl.
  4. Make a thick matcha paste by pouring a small amount of hot water into the powder. Using the bamboo whisk, mix together until thick.
  5. Once the paste is ready, add hot water to the bowl. In the zigzag pattern, blend and emulsify the mixture until a nice froth is formed. 

With these easy steps, you now have a perfect cup of matcha green tea made like a piece of art.

Hot Matcha: Coffee or Latte

If you want to explore other ways of making a cup of hot matcha green tea, you can add some twist to your recipe. Always remember that good matcha has to be whisked into a thick paste before adding a hot liquid like milk or coffee. 

Customize your matcha tea to your liking. You can create your own matcha latte or matcha coffee. Just take note that adding sugar or cream will add to the calories, so if your goal is to lose some weight or stay fit, you can add some sweetness using honey instead. For creamier flavor, nut milk or almond milk may be an alternative for a creamer.

Matcha Latte

This is one variation of a hot matcha tea using hot milk instead of plain hot water on your thick matcha paste. Whisking will give you a more frothy consistency with a lighter green color. Add some honey for sweetness, and sprinkle some matcha powder on top.

Matcha Coffee

If you want to give yourself an added energy boost, then you can incorporate a shot of espresso on your matcha latte. This will definitely give you the kick that you need to start your day. 

Ice Cold Matcha

If you’re not a fan of a hot drink, you can opt for iced matcha tea. This is a good choice of drink on a hot summer or any day. Create a refreshment using matcha powder by putting some ice on your matcha tea. Add some mint leaves to give an extra flavor.

Iced Matcha Latte 

A chilled version of matcha latte can definitely cool you down. It’s easy to make. After mixing a scoop of matcha powder and hot water to form a thick paste, you only need to add ice-cold milk instead of a hot one. Whisk in a zigzag pattern until frothy. Add some iced cubes to complete the recipe. You can even add frozen fruits to make it more refreshing.

Now you know three ways to drink matcha. Whether you like it traditional or with a twist, hot or cold, you’ll never go wrong with drinking matcha green tea because of its unique flavor and awesome health benefits!

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