30 Fun Candy Corn Crafts

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One of my favorite things of fall and Halloween is candy corn!  Some people don’t like it, but some do – and I’m definitely a lover of it!  The colors are pretty in themselves.  I have put together a list of some fun candy corn crafts for you all!  Some of them have actual candy corn incorporated into them, but some ust have the colors.  I’m sure you’ll find a craft to make with your children and decorate your home for fall!

30 Fun Candy Corn Crafts | Optimistic Mommy

  1. Candy Corn Gift Jars by A Night Owl
  2. DIY Candy Corn Yarn Craft by Just 2 Sisters
  3. Candy Corn Pennant Banner by Just Us Four
  4. Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner by Sophistishe
  5. DIY Candy Corn Candles by Simmworks Family Blog
  6. Candy Corn Pomander by Save More Spend Less
  7. Candy Corn Magnets by Burlap Kitchen
  8. DIY Candy Corn Candle Holders by Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  9. Candy Corn Tissue Paper Sun Catchers by Deal Searching Mama
  10. Candy Corn Pizza Craft by Artsy Momma
  11. Candy Corn Halloween Nails by Slick Housewives
  12. DIY Candy Corn Wreath Decoration by Midget Momma
  13. Candy Corn Monster Craft by Crafty Morning
  14. DIY Candy Corn Tree by Your Modern Family
  15. Candy Corn Man Craft by Meaningful Mama
  16. Candy Corn Catapults by Frugal Fun for Boys
  17. Popsicle Stick Candy Corn by Glued to My Crafts
  18. Candy Corn Scarecrow by Housing a Forest
  19. Candy Corn Shadow Box by See Vanessa Craft
  20. Candy Corn Footprints by Juggling with Kids
  21. Candy Corn Sensory Slime by Craftulate
  22. Candy Corn Necklace by Kids Activities Blog
  23. Candy Corn Covered Pumpkin by The Jenny Evolution
  24. Halloween Handprint Candy Corn Art by Fun Handprint Art
  25. Candy Corn Costume by Crystal and Co.
  26. Candy Corn Dish by Umbrella Tree Cafe
  27. Candy Corn Pop Art by Hand Made Kids Art
  28. Candy Corn Wreath by Creative Family Fun
  29. Candy Corn Family Play Set by inner child fun
  30. Candy Corn Light Bulb Craft by Ann’s Entitled Life

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  1. These are SO cute- thanks for sharing!

  2. I love candy corn.

  3. I love the nails and candle! I know candy corn isn’t loved by all, but I love it!

  4. My mother in laws favorite candy.

  5. Marilyn Nawara says

    Love the finger nail polish — so cool.

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