35 Emotional Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom

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The bond between a mother and daughter is unparalleled. Daughters are a blessing for many mothers and the day your daughter is born is the most special day of your life, isn’t it? Your wishes should also be special on her birthday. In this article, you will find some emotional birthday wishes for your daughter from mom that will make your daughter emotional yet happy. A daughter brings smiles, joy, and cheer to the life of a mother. Remember the first time you held her in your arms and the infectious smile that lit up the room, there is no other joy that can beat that. 

For a mother, her daughter is her most beloved blessing. There is no other love like a daughter’s love for her mother. There is a part of your daughter that exactly resembles you, she is like your reflection. So on her special day that is her birthday, your love should reflect in your wishes too. How do you plan to wish for her? We have curated some emotional birthday wishes for our daughter from mom. 

It is not easy to put your thoughts into words sometimes especially when it is for your daughter on her birthday. The unconditional love that you have for your daughter and the innumerable wishes that you have been praying for from the time you held her for the first time is not easy to explain. We understand this and this is why we tried our best to curate emotional birthday wishes for your daughter from mom that will make it easier for you to express your emotions for your daughter on her birthday. 

Here are some wishes for your lovely daughter on her special day. 

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter

mom celebrating daughter birthday

Take this beautiful moment to send emotional birthday wishes for your daughter and make her believe how truly you love and care for her. Heart-touching emotional birthday wishes for daughter from mom are perfectly expressed in these wishes mentioned ahead. 

  • Dear daughter, you are special to me and so is your birthday. Every time I look at you my heart slows down and time stands still. Happy Birthday! 
  • My rising star, you are my whole world! You teach me newer things each day, you are my guide and friend. Happy birthday my lucky charm! 
  • You inspire me in so many ways, thank you for being an inspiration. Happy birthday, darling. 
  • Wish you a very happy birthday, my most precious blessing from god. May you be bestowed with all the paradisal riches and joys. 
  • Have a wonderful birthday my sweet princess, you make our days worthwhile by bringing a smile each time we see you. Thank you for being our source of happiness and love. 
  • I wish that God gives you a lot more than what you ask for today. Spend your day in gratitude and serenity, happiest birthday, my angel. 
  • My love for you will never fade away, it has only grown since the time I felt your presence for the first time. Nothing brings me more joy than to celebrate the day you were born and to see your gleeful face. Happy birthday, baby girl. 

Religiously Inspired Birthday Quotes for Daughter

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  • May God’s grace always be around you. Happy birthday god’s child! 
  • May almighty always guide you through all obstacles of life and help you overcome them, happy birthday my baby. 
  • I feel grateful to God on your birthday, God granted us our most precious gift using his divine wisdom. Our daughter is the best. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Life is a beautiful journey, sometimes bright days and sometimes dark nights. May God give you all the strength to enjoy the happy days and fight the gloomy days of life. Have a blessed birthday. 
  • Wish you a lovely birthday my sweet daughter, may God grant you all the happiness of the world and make you the most humble person. 
  • May the sun’s light always shine upon you and make you the brightest soul out there, Happy Birthday my shining star! 
  • Have a blessed birthday my beloved daughter, may God bless you with all his wisdom, understanding, knowledge and make you a great person. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

mom and daughter celebrating birthday
  • On your birthday I want to tell you how proud I am of the woman you’ve grown up to become. Happy birthday, sweety!
  • You give me immense joy, pride, love, and happiness my angel daughter, I love being your mother. I see a part of my childhood in you, Happy Birthday!
  • Proud to be a mom of a gentle and loving daughter, thank you for being you. Happy birthday, girlie!
  • I am grateful for each day that I get to spend with you my sweet little pumpkin. Wishing you a beautiful birthday. 
  • Happy Birthday my love, may your infectious smile always light up the room, and may you always be the happiest person. 
  • Your birthday is always special as you made me a mommy on this day. Thank you for gliding into our lives, happy birthday! 
  • Have a blissful birthday my doll, I will always be there for you whenever you need me. 

Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter 

Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter 
  • Dear daughter, each heartbeat is for you, every wish I make is for you, you are my divine blessing. We got to experience beautiful parenthood because of you, cannot thank you enough. Happy birthday, beautiful! 
  • For me, the most special of my life is the day you were born, with your tiny twinkling eyes you changed the way I saw the world. You made my world a lot more beautiful with your presence. You make us happy in ways I cannot express. Many happy and joyous returns of the day. 
  • From the day we set eyes on you, we only wish to see you happy and successful. Be assured that I am here for you on any given day. Wishing you the strength to conquer the world and be on top of it. Have a great fun-filled birthday. 
  • Today is not just your birthday but my birth as a mother. You have given me the joy that is unparalleled. There is no other happiness that can come even an inch close to this. I only wish you more happiness, courage, and lots of success in your life. All your dreams are fulfilled and your life is full of happiness, is my only wish on your birthday. Happy birthday my strength. 
  • You are a grown-up today, my baby but you will forever be my tiny princess who would make me laugh with your broken words and baby tantrums. You are my only one, so gentle and sensitive. I love you the most, my darling girl. Wishing you a fabulous birthday. 
  • Happy birthday my little dove, you should know that you are loved and missed on your birthday and other days. I love when you smile and make my world a little better each day. 
  • No one can take your place in our lives, you have a special corner in my heart. You have taught me how to share love, spread joy, and bring a sense of calm to everybody’s life around you. Forever grateful that God sent you into my life. Wishing you happiness ten folds. 

Funny Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes

Funny Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes

If you are looking for some light-hearted funny happy birthday daughter wishes, you are at the right place. If your daughter has a funny bone, she will love these funny birthday wishes for her. 

  • Hey you! Stop having so many birthday parties, we are in debt. Just kidding kiddo! Happy birthday my little drama queen. 
  • Happy birthday, sweety welcome to the phase of your life where lying about your age is acceptable.
  • Say bye to childhood, you are old now. Kidding! Wish you a very happy birthday, my little kitten. 
  • Laugh to the fullest this birthday, you never know when you will lose your teeth given your age. Jokes apart, wish you a birthday full of love and a good dentist. 
  • Do you have any idea which other famous personality shares the same birthday with you? Yeah, me neither! I know only one superstar and that is you. Many happy, warm, and fuzzy returns of the day. 
  • Wishing you lots of air this birthday, enough to blow away the candles on your cake. Many happy returns of the day sweetheart. 
  • Just going to wish you a happy birthday, without mentioning that you are growing old. Oops! 


Daughters bring colour, pomp, and cheer to a mother’s life. A mother becomes a mother because of her little child. Emotional birthday wishes for a daughter from mom can make her day special, add in a card with a quote aforementioned and it will be a cherry on the cake. A daughter deserves heart-touching birthday wishes to make her feel special and loved. Choose any of the wishes that are mentioned above to express your love for your daughter and make this birthday a memorable one.

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