4 Best Free Things To Do in Scottsdale Arizona

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Scottsdale is situated in Arizona, USA. It is a desert city. Scottsdale is globally known for its luxurious resorts and spas, night clubs, golf clubs, art galleries, lavish restaurants, and a lot more.

This city is very chic and upscale with hot summers. According to any Scottsdale visitors guide, the best time to visit the place is after New Year’s and during Memorial Day.

1. Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum:

Ziegler Fiesta Bowl museum is a must-visit for all the football fans out there. This is a great place to host events as well. And it has lots of exhibits of jerseys, trophies including Heisman, Fiesta Bowl, etc. This place also showcases various game footage. It’s located in the Scottsdale Waterfront shopping center.

Hence, if one loves sports, especially football, then Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum is a must go. It also has 128 FBS helmets present. The entry is free, and the museum is open from Monday to Friday. Overall, one can get to see all the memorable moments related to football under one roof.

2. Papago Park:

The second-best thing to do in Scottsdale is to visit Papago Park. It is also the “Phoenix Point of Pride”. The Papago Park has Hunt’s Tomb that has made its place in the National Register of Historic Places.

This park covers an area of 1200 acres towards the side of Phoenix and around 296 acres towards Tempe. The Papago Park is famous for its sandstone formations that were formed millions of years ago.

Thus, there is a geographical as well as historic touch to the place. 6 acres of the park consists of ponds which are houses to various species of fishes and toads.

3. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art:

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is the next thing to put up on the list of things to see in Scottsdale, Arizona. Just like Ziegler Museum is for sports lovers, this museum is for art admirers.

The place is perfect for those who love architecture, art, and design. This museum is open on all days except for Mondays, Tuesdays, and public holidays.

They usually charge $10 for adults and $7 for students and senior citizens. Many groups also get free admission. It is mentioned in detail on the museum’s official website. It usually showcases modern art forms.

4. Pinnacle Peak Park:

Last but not least is the Pinnacle Peak Park in Scottsdale. This park is a 1.75-mile trail for trekking. Thus, if one is interested in a little bit of adventure and feeling nature, Pinnacle Peak Park is a must-visit. It also has rock climbing as an adventure sport.

In earlier times the area around the park was used for hunting. As time passed by, settlements happened there.

This park is also inhabited by a wide range of wildlife including bobcats, rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, mountain lions, etc. there are also different types of plants like cholla cactus and creosote plants.


Thus, apart from the chic nightclubs and resorts, Scottsdale has a lot to offer. These places were amongst the many beautiful spots that it has. Scottsdale is rich in various fields, ranging from sports to art and architecture.

Apart from the 4 places mentioned above, some other attractions there include Taliesin West, Camelback Mountain, OdySea Aquarium, and a lot more. There are some amazing hiking trails also. Overall, Scottsdale, Arizona deserves to be on the list of “must visit” places.

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