4 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Go Green

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When it comes to going green, you may be concerned about how much money it will take to invest in new products and how many changes to your life it will cause. But we are here to tell you that going green doesn’t have to break the bank. It can actually save you money presently and in the long run. So, what have you been waiting for? We have a few ideas that can help you save money while you go green.

Use public transportation

By cutting down on driving your own car and making it so you use public transportation more often, you are saving gas money, and also saving from future wear and tear on your car. You can of course use whichever method of transportation is most readily available in your area. Maybe it is the bus, the train, or the subway system. 

Either way, you want to be sure to keep your pass handy and ready to be scanned upon boarding. This will ensure that you board on time, with efficiency and speed. The other guests will be glad that you aren’t holding up their route and you will get everywhere in a timely fashion. This one saves money, the planet, and makes it so you can catch up on that eBook you have been dying to read.

Get a library card

Yes, we are serious about this one. Get a library card. Not only will it help you to save money on new books, but it can also help you to learn about a more sustainable lifestyle. You can check out books, magazines, and even eBooks from the library. It is the perfect (and free) way to learn more and invest in yourself, without spending any money. 

If you are a more audio-styled learner, you can even check out audiobooks from your local libraries. You will be able to throw your earphones in and listen to a new story while riding the bus, your bike, or while you work around the house. Getting a library card is an easy, green, money-saving change to make in your life.

Upgrade your home

Ok, we know this one sounds pricey—however, this is one method that can save you money in the long run, so it is often worth the upfront cost. Investing in energy efficient HVAC systems is a great first step when it comes to upgrading your home to be more green while saving you a hefty sum in your future. By making sure that you have energy efficient heating and air in your happy home, you are helping to contribute to a greener tomorrow for the earth and your bank account.

Be conscious of your single-use consumption

One of the best first steps for any journey is awareness and understanding. So, it comes as no surprise that that is the case for going green, too. It is a great idea to take a step back and analyze just how much waste you produce, and see where you may be able to cut back on it. 

Do you use single-use plastic bottles to drink water? Do you use paper plates and napkins instead of ceramic and linen? What about your single-use plastic bag usage? Does your family get takeout a few times a week instead of cooking at home? 

We know that all of those scream “convenience”, but they also scream “waste of money” and “unnecessary pollution”. If you think that changing all of those habits at once is overwhelming, start small by using a reusable bottle, a linen napkin a couple of times a week, or even a reusable silicone bag for your snacks. Every small change can make a big impact.

Like we mentioned before, this isn’t going to be an easy journey to go green, but it is one that is worthwhile. Allow yourself the grace to learn, grow, and change. The planet will thank you and so will your wallet.

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