4 Encouraging Reasons to Build a Home Gym

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It’s the time of year when everyone is looking to get back into their health and fitness routines. While spending more time with family and enjoying traditional favorites are part of the holidays, they also mean that many positive health habits get shelved for a month or two. While this isn’t the end of the world, it means that if you want to develop a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need a little help. If you don’t have a spot to workout in your home, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to incorporate fitness into your daily life.

Many people fall out of their fitness goals quickly when they rely on a gym membership or something outside of their normal day-to-day life. Not only do they need to create the habit of working out, but they also need to create the habit of going to the workout place. It’s hard enough to create one habit, let alone two. Here are some encouraging reasons to build a home gym.

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Limits Excuses

When something is uncomfortable, our natural tendency is to avoid doing it. Working out is not comfortable. Your muscles get physically sore. You are working on developing energy and strength where you might not have a lot of it right now. By building a home gym, you have one less excuse to keep you from your health and fitness goals. One of the big issues people face is finding a gym on your normal routes that don’t take you any more effort to get to. When the gym falls outside this area, you become significantly less likely to follow through on working out.

Forces You to Choose Exercises You Like

Building a home gym requires a lot of thought. You’ll need to think through the kinds of exercises you enjoy doing and build the main parts of your home gym around these cornerstone activities. It would be unwise to get a Peloton if you despise riding a bike. But if you love walking and the way it makes your body feel, a manual treadmill would be a smart investment. Often people won’t workout because they are trying to make someone else’s routine fit them. They think the only way to get fit is to do a couch to 5K when in reality, they’d much rather do dance workouts to videos on a screen. Evaluating what you like and don’t like about working out can help you make the best choices when you’re building a home gym.

Helps You Make the Most of Your Time

Time is precious. As we get older it feels like it goes faster and faster. Working out somewhere other than home takes more time. Not only do you need to put in your 30-60 minutes at the gym or wherever you are headed, but you’ll also need to take time to get there and back. For parents especially, this time is valuable. If you’ve gotten home from work and you want to spend time with your children, it’s unlikely that you’ll prioritize workouts. But having a home gym means you can get in the exercise you need at home.

Involves the Whole Family

And since you are at home, you can get the whole family in on the workouts. It doesn’t need to take time away from your family, but instead, exercise can become a family affair. When you head to the gym, your kids won’t see how hard you work to get stronger and more fit. But working out at home means they get to watch the process too. This can create a positive environment that encourages being active and working toward difficult goals.

It Helps Develop Your Spiritual Disciplines

Your minds, bodies, and spirits are connected. When you workout one area, you give room for another area to be impacted. Developing spiritual fitness helps you put your faith in action. You have faith that by adding in exercise and more nutritious foods, your body will respond in a positive way. You might also wonder what would happen if you incorporated more spiritual disciplines in your life. This could mean prioritizing prayer time, making space for religious activities, and connecting with others who share your beliefs. Your physical fitness and routines will spill over into your spiritual walk as well.

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