4 Highly Recommended Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for a Kitty

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Most people think that bringing a puppy home requires more preparation than bringing a kitten. Even though cats are from a completely different universe, you should arrange a warm welcome for your new pet. 

Buying a food bowl and a litter box isn’t all you need to do. Apart from this, you should also keep your home safe from your new pet’s claws, as well as create a cozy atmosphere for it. This will help you create a happy home where your new furry friend will live with you for years to come.

All breeds are different, and you will not know in advance what the animal’s behavioral traits are. Upon arrival at a new home, your new pet may show some aggression or simply be afraid of a new place. Aggressive behavior may be related to the breed your pet belongs to, or it may be related to the adjustment period. To learn more about your kitten, their habits, and health risks, you can use the Basepaws DNA test, the results of which you will receive by email.

Get ready in advance to ensure your home is set for the arrival of your new furry companion. We’ll provide you with tips to help you prepare your family space for your new pet.

Home for a Kitty

Tips for new cat owners

Place several scratching posts throughout the house

It is unlikely that you will be able to explain to your furry friend that scratching sofas and walls is bad. It is their instinct that they will not be able to suppress. There are plenty of products and sprays that work as a furniture scratch protector that should keep pets away, but this isn’t the best solution.

If the cat starts scratching the furniture, it will continue to do so in the future. Instead, you can place a variety of different scratching posts around the house so that your pet knows where it can sharpen their claws and not be afraid of being punished. They come in both vertical and horizontal forms, so you can easily find places where you can place them.

Buy a litter box with high sides

No matter what kind of cat litter you use, you will see litter being scattered throughout the house. When the box has low sides, leaving the toilet, the cat will be able to tip it over. This will cause you a lot of inconvenience since you will always have to sweep up the litter so that it does not start to smell bad.

Instead, you can opt for litter boxes with high sides. Your fluffy pet will not be able to knock over such a box. In addition, you can think of a more effective solution. Now on various marketplaces and specialized stores, you can find a smart self-cleaning litter box that separates the litter from other waste products. This way you will never smell cat urine in your home.

Create a playset for your pet on the walls

While your cat will sleep soundly most of the day, there are times when it will be especially active. Cats can run and jump, destroying everything in their path. This is their nature.

Instead of watching your pet run around where it shouldn’t, you should consider placing a playset on the walls of your home. It can be all kinds of bridges, shelves, and tunnels that your furry friend will run along. It will be fun for your pet, and you won’t be angry if your cat knocks something important to you off the shelves.

pet on the walls

Protect all wires from your pet’s teeth

Cats love to play with various wires, laces, and so on. However, you wouldn’t want to find out that your TV isn’t working because your pet has chewed the cord. In this case, you should protect all visible wires in your home.

You can do the following:

  • Block access to wires with furniture;
  • Place the wires where your cat can’t reach them;
  • Wrap the wires with a special braid.


These are simple tasks that you can complete even before your furry friend arrives at your home. By relying on these tips, you will be able to protect your home from scratches, as well as your pet’s teeth, and create a happy atmosphere for it.

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