4 Quick Tips to Make Traveling as a Family Easier

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Why is it that traveling is always so stressful? Even though you love going on vacation, the transport part of the trip never fails to be a chore, particularly when you have kids. To help, here we break down four tips that you can adopt to make traveling as a family easier.

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1. Preparation

Prep, prep, prep! Preparation helps in every field of your life. From organizing events with friends to meeting work targets to planning holidays, preparation is your best friend, and this couldn’t be truer than when you are traveling with your children.

So print off every piece of paper you might need, and collate them into a waterproof folder that you can keep in your bag. Make an itinerary of every step of the trip and list the belongings you can bring to ease every moment. For example, if you know you are traveling on a train, bring pens, paper, coloring books, and iPads. Then, pack away essentials like passports into a family passport holder for simplicity.

2. Bring Candies for the Airplane Vacuum

The best thing about flying on an airplane is seeing your kids’ faces when the plane takes off, and suddenly they are flying above the clouds. The worst thing is the pain that they sometimes experience in their ears when the pressure changes, but their Eustachian tubes are too small to react in time.

With around 500 million plane passengers in the US in 2020, this happens a lot. One trick to help the pain is sucking on candy, so make sure to bring some when you travel. Your airplane trip is bound to be less tearful and more enjoyable for everyone.

3. Smart Packing

When traveling with family, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is the number of bags that everyone has to carry. From backpacks to suitcases, all the luggage adds a tremendous strain on everyone. 

To avoid this, try to start ‘smart packing.’ So only pack necessary items — reduce packing doubles or triples of clothing and underwear, and leave heavy liquids at home.

Remember, at most hotels, villas, and resorts, they will have washing machines and towels. It means instead of taking two suitcases, you might only need to transport one. It is not news that airlines have been raising the cost of bag fees over the past years, so this could also help you save some money.

And don’t forget about emergency distractions for kids. Prepare a handheld gaming console, a tablet, or give them your phone to play games for the duration of the trip. If you’re traveling with younger kids, get some headphones for toddlers and let them enjoy their favorite cartoons and music. Planning for situations like these can be a life-saver and make the whole experience much more comfortable.

4. Hire a Car

Hiring a car is an absolute must when traveling with the family. Even if you are abroad and don’t necessarily know the systems of the road or area very well, the positive aspects of hiring a car usually outweigh the negative. This is because traveling from the airport on public transport is destined to be a challenge.

With a car, you’ll be able to bung the whole family in the back and pop from one spot to another, taking all the necessary breaks on the way too. You don’t have to worry about losing one of the kids on a train platform or missing a bus stop.

Not only do you have more freedom, but you will save money on the taxis you might order to replace the hire car. 

The Round-Up

Taking a vacation with your family is one of the best things you can do, and the memories will last a lifetime. The only downside is the traveling part — it’s often costly, stressful, and unenjoyable. But by implementing a few, or all, of the tips suggested in this guide, your trip should become more relaxing. Now you can concentrate on the fun bit — spending time with your family.

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