4 Reasons to Take Up the Forgotten Art of Hand Quilting

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Over time, as machine quilting has become more common, hand quilting has turned into a forgotten art. Before the old fashioned technique of hand quilting becomes an art which is only written about in history books, it is important to make use of the technique as a hobby or simply as a form of art.

Perhaps, the new generation is too busy to enjoy a hobby of creating handcrafted things. What we miss out on is being embraced and wrapped around by something intimate. To save up on time, nowadays most quilt magazines use easy shapes that can be put together quickly and then machine quilted for extra durability. Lately, some longarm companies also design machines for home quilters. These quilts are not only created faster, but also last longer. The neat and even stitches of hand quilting are mostly overlooked nowadays, and people generally prefer quantity over quality. The joy that the activity of hand quilting gives to the makers and the happiness they achieve on being appreciated for it remains unparalleled.

So, let us find out some key reasons to take up the forgotten art of hand quilting:

  1. To improve coordination skills

Hand quilting makes use of the cognitive ability of hand-eye coordination. Your eyes try to direct attention to the task in hand and the brain commands your hands to work in a certain order to accomplish the task. Since the act of quilting requires the simultaneous use of both eyes and hand, the brain tries to locate the necessary body parts in space. Our hand works based on the visual information that our eyes receive. The act of uniting the visual (eyes) and motor (hands) skills, for activities like driving, cooking or typing, is necessary for both a child’s development and an adult’s daily activities.

  1. For mental health benefits

There’s no denying of the fact that COVID-19 has forced us to change how our lives used to be. Office work from 9 to 5 has become an old and almost forgotten concept. What that has done in turn is increase monotony and boredom in our lives. To survive this time, it is important that we use the time in our hands for enjoyment and to master new skills.

Keeping your mind active is necessary to survive ageing and stay happy. This is when learning a new skill, like hand quilting or pottery, can come to rescue. This can not only improve your memory, but also your brain health by adding some meaning to your life.

  1. To develop better social skills

As you grow old, the chances of getting socially isolated increases. Learning a new skill by visiting some classes or online is a great way to not only learn something new, but also meet new people. No matter the kind of classes you attend, be it via social media or just an online course, you get to communicate and interact with new people and maybe, make some new friends via group discussions or participation. This builds you to adapt new lifestyles and try out things outside your comfort zone.

  1. To stay up-to-date

Learning a new skill adds to your resume and hence, employability. You give yourself the chance to broaden your horizons and field of expertise. With a growing number of opportunities, one can not only learn new skills, but also become an entrepreneur or reseller of products, such as quilting fabric online. You can also establish yourself by giving online tutorials.


Do some research and introspection to find out what interests you. Learning new skills, such as hand quilting, gives you joy and satisfaction.

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