4 Supplements That Are Good For Your Dog

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We all love our dogs. For many pet owners, this love translates to taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure the health and wellness of man’s best friend. 

One of the growing ways many owners are taking in the care of their dogs is to give them supplements. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it is estimated that nearly one-third of dogs are given some sort of dietary supplement for everything ranging from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and coat care. For the industry as a whole, this attention to animal health is translating into major growth. According to a recent report of the U.S. pet supplement market, in 2020, the value of the pet supplements market grew 21% 2020, valuing nearly $800 million. That’s quadruple the rate of sales growth seen in 2019.

If you are a less-experienced dog owner, this saturated market may be difficult to navigate. If you’re wondering which dog wellness supplements may be right for your pup, here are some of the more popular options. 

Fish Oil: According to the organization Canine Arthritis Resources and Education, the fatty acids in fish oil have been found to decrease inflammation and pain caused by arthritis in dogs. The recommended daily dose of fish oil for your dog is 75-100 mg/kg.

Glucosamine: This popular pet supplement is an amino sugar that is found naturally in the fluid around the joints to help build cartilage, according to the American Kennel Club. If your dog is struggling with joint issues, glucosamine has been observed as an option for reducing the pain and inflammation that often comes with it. 

Antioxidants: For dogs, antioxidants have several benefits. They can help slow the aging process and boost its immune system. Dogs Naturally Magazine recommends 6 different types of antioxidants that are good for your pet. They include:

  • Astaxanthin for the joint, immune system, brain, eye, and heart health
  • Colostrum for immune health, allergies, joint health, and the digestive system
  • Green-lipped mussels for relieving the inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Eggshell Membrane for joint health
  • Phytoplankton for improving cellular function, supporting digestion, and managing skin issues and allergies
  • Green tea for immune support, brain health, and even cancer prevention

Probiotics: Probiotics contain living bacteria that are found naturally in the digestive tract. These supplements continue to grow in popularity with humans, so it makes sense that dogs would become big customers as well. For your pets, probiotics can help with maintaining digestive health, decreasing diarrhea, improving bad breath, and improving stress response, amongst other things, according to the Canine Journal

If you are interested in giving your dog supplements but not sure what kind of regiment is best, be sure to speak to your vet. The American Kennel Club also recommends that you purchase any pet wellness supplements from a reputable source and do some research to ensure the supplements have been tested in clinical studies or have been certified by an independent organization.

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