4 Telling Signs Your Windows Need Replacement in NYC

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A living room with windows and a dining table.

You’ve probably heard that the best time to replace your windows is when they’re 20 years old, but did you know there are other signs your NYC windows need replacement? In fact, a set of tell-tale signs may help your home stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reduce energy bills by as much as 10% annually and make a noticeable difference in your comfort level. Most of these signs can be detected long before they become significant issues.

Here are four telling signs your NYC windows need replacement:

1.   Increased Heating or Cooling Costs

If you live in a climate where temperatures are unpredictable, your windows can make a big difference in the comfort of your home. The first thing you should do when you notice your heating or cooling bills have increased is to check for any issues with your windows.

One of the first signs of trouble is if you notice cracks in the glass, especially around frames or corners. If this is the case, it’s an indication that moisture has gotten inside through small nicks and scratches caused by objects being dropped on the glass or other damage over time. This can lead to condensation buildup inside your windows, which will cause them to leak — an expensive problem to fix!

Another sign that you may need some new windows is if you find yourself dealing with mold growth in areas where water leaks inside during storms. Mold can be a severe health hazard when it grows within reach of children and pets, so if you notice it spreading throughout your home, there’s no reason not to replace those old windows ASAP!

2.   Cracked Glass

Cracked glass is a significant sign that it’s time to replace your windows. The cracks may be small or large, but they’re usually in the same place on each pane of glass. If you see multiple cracks, you’ll need to replace all of them at once.

Cracks can appear anywhere on the surface of your windows, including the frame and sash. In some cases, you’ll notice that the frame is cracked in several places or has been broken or torn off completely. The only way to tell if a window needs replacement is to look at it closely and check for cracks on all sides before deciding whether to replace it or not.

3.   Noise

Your windows are noisier than they need to be. The reason is simple: When a window gets old and needs replacement, it often makes more noise than a brand new window. This is because old windows can fail in various ways and make loud noises.

Soundproof windows are a great way to keep the noise out and let in the sound you want. When you live in an apartment, condo building, or even a single-family home, your windows can be a source of noise and distraction.

If your building doesn’t have soundproof windows, you may wake up at all night hours because of loud neighbors or late-night parties down the hall. Soundproof windows NYC makes it easier for you to stay focused and get more restful sleep with less noise interference from outside sources.

4.   Difficult to Operate

Windows are a major home component, so ensuring they operate correctly is vital. If you notice that you have to struggle to open or close the window, it may be time for a replacement. This could be caused by too many heavy items in the window frame and/or the old sash being bent or damaged over the years.

A broken sash is a safety hazard and can make it more challenging to open and close your windows.

In The End…

The point that many homeowners don’t realize when it comes to windows is that they have a finite lifespan. No exterior component of a house can go untouched for long before it starts to show wear. Still, windows are particularly important because they’re such an integral part of the house’s structure and interior design. Also, so much more is involved in a window installation than just putting in a new pane of glass; there are numerous parts of the window itself (mullions, channels, glazing) that can and will become damaged from time to time. At some point, your windows need to be fully replaced.

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