4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Daycare for Your Child

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When it’s time for most parents to head back to work after welcoming a child into their home, it can be a time of angst and worry. Leaving your little one with strangers for many hours at a time can be a heart-wrenching task for many.

The best way to ensure that you and your child feel the most confident and comfortable with a daycare arrangement is to make certain that you are dealing with the best. Preschools like Buttercups Day Care are no longer just a convenience for working parents, but centers of education, fun, confidence-building and nurturing for children.

Many daycares have waiting lists that can be long. In some cases it may be a good idea to start looking at applications even before your child is born. The task of finding a good daycare can be daunting, so take a look at some of these guidelines that will help you make the best decision for your family.

Choose a Style

Daycares come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose between an at-home smaller daycare all the way up to a large and formal facility. It is your job as a parent to determine what type of style of daycare may be the best fit for your child. You may be looking for a play-based curriculum or a more structured educational program. Knowing what the daily routine includes is a big part of being able to make your choice. Find out what the activities include, such as outdoor playtime, creative arts, crafting and socialization activities.

Do Your Homework

Start out by making a list of licensed candidates with all of their contact information. To speed up this process, you can use a child care finder website like Toddle. Then take a look at their online websites — this should give you a basic look at their style, philosophy, teaching staff and daily routines. Focus on reviews from current and past families to see what they have to say about each daycare. Talk to neighbours, friends and family, and other parents with young children to find out where their children go and who they recommend.

Book a Visit

You should never make your final decision about a daycare without having an onsite visit first. Seeing a place in person will give you an immediate feel for the type of care and style of each center. It’s all about your first impression. Listen to your instincts — if something seems wrong then it’s best to take them off of your list for your own peace of mind. While you are on your visit, observe everything that you can. Keep an eye out for things like quality of food, teacher to child ratios, cleanliness, organization, discipline, special needs and the happiness of the children that are there.

Ask Questions

This is your time to ask any questions that you may have of the daycare manager. The answers to these questions may make all the difference in your final choice.

  • Are there late pickup fees?
  • What are the teachers’ credentials?
  • Are they bonded?
  • What are the operating hours?
  • What is the daily schedule and can you get a copy?
  • What is the ill child policy?
  • What percentage of the timetable is dedicated to outdoor play?
  • What are the holiday hours?
  • What does the meal plan entail? Are there any dietary restrictions or issues with allergies?
  • Can you get a copy of personal references from parents?

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  1. I do like that you suggested visiting the daycare center that you’re interested in to make sure that you’ll get an immediate feel about how they provide care to the children that are under their care. My sister will surely appreciate your tip because she’s currently looking for a daycare center where she can enroll her son. Her priority is to have peace of mind that her son is going to be in good hands and will be attended quickly when needed, so I’ll share your blog with her.

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